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Hi, I'm Shih-Min. I am a software engineer that deals with highly-scalable, distributed and fault-tolerant systems.

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   Jan 25, 2023

$tsla. Price action tomorrow will be very interesting to observe.

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   Jan 24, 2023

$msft ER result. Azure revenue growth is 31% yoy but 37% in constant currency basis. This is not too shabby if you ask me.

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   Jan 22, 2023

Netflix. The fact that they can reaccelerate in revenue and gain subscribers during a recession is telling me this is a company that can continue to do well in streaming space and print money in the foreseeable future.

Price action is up 100% since mid 2022 dip is also suggesting they might continue to do well.


You might want to avoid investing in those companies at all costs
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   Jan 01, 2023

We know mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular, which means more focus are put on ASO, as opposed to traditional SEO where desktop browsers plus Google Search are the only way that you can market and sell your stuff. Also, with openAI it is possible that Google search ($goog) will be replaced with something else, making investing in $semr or $smwb a less viable option and one that should be avoided at all costs. :(

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   Dec 29, 2022

Tesla current quarter EPS estimate is 1.27. 1.27*4=5.08. Yesterday it was trading at 105 premarket which means you're looking at around PE of 105/5.08=20.66 for the leading player in the EV space in the next 10 years. This is peak insanity in the market thanks to the Fed. $tsla

Datadog Named a Leader in AIOps by Independent Research Firm
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   Dec 15, 2022

"Cloud-native organizations and those moving large portions of their operations to the cloud will be well served by Datadog's strengths in observability, OOTB integrations, and data-handling capabilities," the Forrester report said in the research.


Is MongoDB a good long term investment?
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   Dec 11, 2022

Let me share with you my journal about using MongoDB as a service.

MongoDB is a popular database technology, and can be a good choice for many applications. It's a reasonable choice for any companies that's doing something very minimal about a database.


How do I use datadog on my website
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   Dec 07, 2022

Creator of here.


net stock
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   Dec 03, 2022

$net adjusted their pricing this year. They also encourage you to go with their annual plan and I can imagine that's good to their fcf and you might experience a pull-forward of their cashflows. Maybe there's more interesting things to come.

okta stock
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   Dec 02, 2022

they reported strong growth in revenue and customer base, and the company also provided a positive outlook for the future. As much as I am not a big fan of their products I still had to use it everyday to sign in to work and it is not like I have a choice. Overall it was a positive earnings call and investors were impressed with the company's performance. Might be a good idea to take a look if it dips again. $okta

snow stock
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   Dec 01, 2022

I would say that investors should be encouraged by the positive news reported in the call. It appears that the company is making moves to increase its presence in the cloud data market, which could lead to further growth and success.

Million dollar revenue customers grow another 40 this quarter to 280 ish. Free cash flow margin is also improving. This is going to be something big in the future. $snow

This is how I used mongodb on my website
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   Nov 29, 2022

I remember years ago when I was learning how to create websites, the first thing I used to start a local webserver and webpage was xampp or LAMP stack (php, Apache, MySQL,.. etc). With those stacks you can type a few commands in your terminal to have a website running in no time. As time goes by I had more exposure to different frameworks like MEAN stack (mongodb, Angular, ...etc) or Meteor and I get to learn about the all kinds of technologies and about their strength and weaknesses. But regardless of stacks you would always be in a situation when you need some sort of persistent storage to store your data. And it turns out mongodb would very often find its way into most of my development workflows and become part of the project.

So, what’s special about mongodb? Not much. It's just a database that works. It's just so well-known in open-source and is relatively fast to read and write, to scale, to deploy and maintain when compared to many other database technologies. If you can find developers who know how to write a couple of lines of code and click on a few buttons to deploy a small mongodb cluster in 5 minutes, it would be fairly easy for companies to onboard engineers and create applications on them and go from there. And that suits my projects really really well.

Imagine with a couple of lines of code in node.js you can create a table and start to talk to your database.

var mongoose = require('mongoose');
var Schema = mongoose.Schema;

var UserSchema = new Schema({
  username: {
    type: String,

const User = mongoose.model('User', UserSchema);
const user = await User.findOne({ username: "ssmlee04" });

This is very similar to what the actual production code would look like to create a user db and talk to it. This is pretty cool isn't it?

To start some small mongodb database you can simply spin up virtual machines on AWS ($amzn) or digitalocean ($docn), and with a bit of configuration you would have a small db cluster running in no time. I also have scripts to backup the db to S3 and restore the database. And occasionally I would see the database grow to disk space limit or crash so that I would need to ssh into the machine to do something about it. It's doable but it's not worry-free. And for a period of time I had this constant fear that my database would go away and I would lost the data forever when I am asleep. And then I discovered there are fully-managed solutions such as Mongodb Atlas.

So there's a company called MongoDB Inc that takes this open-source mongodb and bundles it into a cloud service called MongoDB Atlas. They're a public company traded under ticker symbol mdb by the way. Atlas is a cloud database service that helps you deal with the complexities of running a database. Without Atlas, you would be hosting VMs, deal with the maintenance overheads yourself. But this is really not good time spent for most companies when it costs so much to hire a dev in 2022. Imagine with a few extra bucks a month you wouldn't need developers to maintain most of the complexities of the database and can focus on developing your applications that actually matters to your business. Keep in mind, for faang, it costs like 200k-400k a year easily to hire a dev, so it is pretty justifiable to spend a few million dollars a year to run a few databases at their scale if a cloud service like $mdb satisfies your needs.

Starting a database cluster in Atlas is free and it's as easy as a mouse click.

With just a few extra clicks, you can integrate services like datadog ($ddog) and pagerduty ($pd) for basic monitoring and on-call notifications. In a matter of minutes, you can have a database that is well-maintained, configured, and in the same state as it was when it was managed by a team of db admins.

Atlas charges you based on compute and storage. Compute means how fast your database can process requests. Storage is about how much disk space that's allocated to your db and how often you can do your backups. This is actually not a bad idea, because for most companies that's growing and uses Atlas they would have more applications running every quarter. This means your data, number of databases and collections, your size and duration of backups would only go up normally. Can you go back to hosting VMs yourself and do bare-metal mongodb? You can't because it wouldn't make much sense to justify hiring extra engineers to do the heavy-lifting of running a database. That just won't work anymore, at least not without scale.

There's also no reason you cannot use other db technologies like ElasticSearch or Cassandra. It's just databases is not something you can switch easily if you already have a lot of existing applications running with mongodb. When you have an industry of people who know how mongodb works, have products running based on it, switching to something else can be costly. In addition, if you decide to migrate away from it, you'll have to worry about issues like consistency or loss of data. So unless mongodb becomes a bottleneck of your application it’s usually difficult to justify moving away from it.


This is how I use Cloudflare on my website
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   Nov 22, 2022

Hi folks. This is Lee, creator of here. This post will briefly describe how I use Cloudflare tools on my website.

Cloudflare is a company that provides tools for you to analyze your website traffic. These tools enable you to detect and protect your web applications from cyber threats, and make your website run safer and faster. It has also added many features recently, like email security, workers, page functions, or zero trust. This makes it so much easier for companies to setup their basic web infrastructure and take advantage of their global network offering at an affordable price these days.

A few months ago they announced Cloudflare Registrar. A Registrar is a service that allows you to register a domain name. I used to register domain names with Godaddy, and I just recently found out that Cloudflare is also doing it, but they sell you the names at a wholesale price that is like 40% cheaper. Ouch Godaddy.

Once I added this domain name to my account I can proxy all the requests going to my website through Cloudflare servers. Without a proxy, if someone sends a request to your request would be sent to nameservers on the Internet. These nameservers would figure out what IP address those machines are located, and the request would be sent to that IP address. This approach has a few issues. That is you would expose the ip address to your application servers or load balancer. And the other is you would need to configure some firewall rules and handle things like DDOS mitigation yourself and none of those are easy things to tackle.

Instead, if you use a DNS proxy like theirs, those requests would be sent to their machines. They would figure out if the request are coming from bad actors or not before forwarding the request to your servers. And enabling this is as easy as a toggle.

Also, another thing they're doing really well is CDN. A CDN is a network of servers that you can push your resources like images or Javascript files to and keep a copy close to your users. For example, if you have a request response that never changes, it might be a viable use case to serve those responses through a CDN. You will save resources on your servers and make those requests faster.

They also have a lot of optimizations to make your website run faster. A few things worth mentioning include asset minimization, mobile redirect or image resizing. For example, you can have your images served through their network. They can, however, resize the image before delivering it to the person who requested it, based on factors like device sizes, geolocations ...etc and serves those images fast. Mobile redirect is also based on the same concept.

Zaraz is also a product they announced recently. The idea is that instead of running some 3rd party Javascript files that's causing your browser to slow down or suffer from compliance issues, you would be running those scripts on Cloudflare's machine before sending the webpage over to your users. This increases the website’s performance, and for GDPR use cases you don't need to know what you don't need to know from your users.

Pages is also a feature my website is currently using. It's well integrated with a lot of Javascript frameworks. Take my website for example, my website is using Qwik framework. And what you do is you can create a project by doing something as simple as

$ npm create [email protected]
$ git remote add origin
$ git push -u origin main

You would then tell Pages that you have these repo people taking over the building and deployment of the website. And within 10 minutes you would have a Hello World website running. In my opinion that also implies they have the ability to take on companies like $wix or $shop and it's just so easy to get started on building a web application these days using their service.

to be continued...

$net $amzn $akam $goog

Unity ER guidance is not bad
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   Nov 11, 2022

Unity next quarter revenue guidance is around 50% qoq. It's insane how market priced it to this 90% drop. Sorry to say Fed has turned the market into a casino. $u

Let's take a look at their quarterly results:

  • Revenue $322.9 million for the quarter.
  • Loss from operations was $239.6 million, or 74% of revenue.
  • 1,075 customers each generated more than $100,000 of revenue in the trailing 12 months as of September 30, 2022, compared to 973 as of September 30, 2021.
  • Unity Completes Merger with ironSource

The ER is pretty lackluster. The revenue and customer count and retention is stalling. But somehow their outlook is really good. There might be something good in this one in the short term simply because they're already was too cheap for what they do. Also, their ironSource acquisition price is fairly low for SaaS and those are all good news if your stock is down 90% from peak and has no cash issues. Keep in mind they're one of the few players that provides tools for you to write software for iOS and Android. It's not like you can go about developing games without them.


Cloudflare named a Leader by Gartner
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   Sep 10, 2022

Gartner has recognised Cloudflare as a Leader in the 2022 "Gartner¬ģ Magic Quadrant‚ĄĘ for Web Application and API Protection (WAAP)" report that evaluated 11 vendors for their ‚Äėability to execute‚Äô and ‚Äėcompleteness of vision‚Äô.

Akamai is one of the pioneers in this WAF space but Cloudflare is certainly getting better everyday. $net