Visa Inc
Visa Inc

Visa Inc. operates as a payments technology company worldwide. The company facilitates digital payments among consumers, merchants, financial institutions, businesses, strategic partners, and government entities. It operates VisaNet, a transaction processing network that enables authorization, clearing, and settlement of payment transactions. In addition, the company offers card products, platforms, and value-added services. It provides its servi...
Founded: 1958
Full Time Employees: 20,500
CEO: Alfred F. Kelly  
CTO: Rajat Taneja 
Sector: Financial Services
Industry: Credit Services
Next Earnings Date: 2023-01-26
Stock price: $216.77 (-0.1%)
By: datachips lazy guy   💬 5   
   on Jan 07, 2022

Stable and profitable. Few overheads. Even in a downturn, it can weather the storm.

BNPL is going to disrupt credit card businesses hard
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 97   
   on Sep 19, 2021

I'd be cautious if I am investing in those traditional credit card companies. Affirm (and Peloton) has proved to us that people are willing to pay a bit more for payment installments and then they do not need to worry too much about late payment fees and all kinds of hidden fees in those fine prints. Think about all those times where you call credit card companies and ask them about something that shows up on the statements? Those are awful experiences that I do not think deserve to exist in 2021.

For those BNPL services, they're mostly modern tech companies with machine learning capabilities. They can say no to you in the first place so that you don't need to be in those kinds of awkward situations where you need to call them and then argue with them. And if you can have almost the same shopping experience on, say Amazon or Peloton, with two payment methods that one is less of a problem to you and it's likely you'd choose one over another. Besides, with BNPL you can leverage more efficiently to achieve your financial goals.

$axp is probably ok because axp is not really a card company but more like a service company in my opinion. Visa and MasterCard probably not so much.

short / neutral $V $MA $AXP. long $AFRM $SQ

By: lux0906 Handsome Guy   💬 8   
   on Aug 05, 2020

stable income path, and they can develop more countries. the method of making money is smart, not too many risks.

By: christopher lazy guy   💬 13   
   on Oct 12, 2019

Together with paypal and mastercard they make your life much easier.