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Upwork Inc

Upwork Inc., together with its subsidiaries, operates an online talent marketplace that enables businesses to find and work with various independent professionals and agencies in the United States, India, the Philippines, and internationally. The company's platform provides access to talent with various skills across a range of categories, including sales and marketing, customer service, data science and analytics, design and creative, web, mobil...
Founded: 2015
Full Time Employees: 540
CEO: Hayden Brown  (Jan 2020~)
Sector: Industrials
Industry: Staffing & Employment Services
Next Earnings Date: 2023-02-09
Stock price: $12.37 (+1.98%)
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By: bluprint10 lazy guy    
   on May 16, 2021

hello guys , i made analysis of this sector by the sub niches in it , in each some niche i recommend a plan of trading/investing /staying away from pls check my video about it

$hurn $bco $UPWK $EDU

01:00 travel services 02:15 Rental & Leasing services 03:25 Security & Protection 06:36 Engineering & Construction 07:28 Staffing & Employment 09:28 Education & Training 12:40 Consulting

List of companies that uses Cloudflare that might benefit from a coronavirus outbreak
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 98   
   on Mar 01, 2020

This is taken directly from their website:

Among those companies there are companies that seems more interesting than the others in my opinion and might benefit from a potential coronavirus outbreak.

  • Upwork: in an outbreak there might be more outsourcing works.
  • Shopify, Hubspot: e-commerce might benefit from it when people had to stay home and surf the internet.
  • Zendesk: when people spend more time on the internet the demand for customer support service might increase.
  • 9gag, Reddit, Discord, Okcupid: social network might benefit from it.
  • Scotch, Udacity: people can't go to school so they spend more time learning stuff online.

Those seem to be companies that might benefit from an outbreak if there's one. Maybe that explains why Cloudflare movement is relatively strong this pat week.


By: bahnhopf Ich bin gut   💬 25   
   on May 27, 2019

I am not a big fan of contract / remote works. I don't think hiring remote contractor workers is an efficient things to do for a company. It's a common belief that you don't outsource your core business to outsiders. You might be saving some money in the short run but in the long run it doesn't do you any good.