Tesla, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, leases, and sells electric vehicles, and energy generation and storage systems in the United States, China, and internationally. The company operates in two segments, Automotive, and Energy Generation and Storage. The Automotive segment offers electric vehicles, as well as sells automotive regulatory credits. It provides sedans and sport utility vehicles through direct and used vehicle sales, a network...
Founded: July 1, 2003
IPO date: 2010-06-29
IPO price: $17
Full Time Employees: 110,000
CEO: Elon Musk  (Oct 2008~)
Sector: Consumer Cyclical
Industry: Auto Manufacturers
Next Earnings Date: 2023-01-25
Stock price: $194.81 (+0.06%)
By: ghostbuster lazy guy   💬 5   
   on Nov 29, 2022

You have a guy running crazy on twitter all day and not sure how is that helpful to Tesla’s business. Not good. $tsla

By: raspberry lazy guy   💬 31   
   on Nov 23, 2022

they're looking at a 45T or so EV and charing and autopilot market opportunity in 2050. hard to believe this get so beaten down. $tsla

Tesla drops to near value stock level, says analyst
By: christopher lazy guy   💬 13   
   on Nov 20, 2022

Tesla shares would trade at approximately 12.5x EV/EBITDA and 23x PE on our FY25 forecast (SBC burdened) which we see as excellent value for a self-funded, 20 to 30% top-line grower in top position to benefit from re-architecting the US on-shore/near-shore/friend-shore renewable supply chain at scale.


By: raspberry lazy guy   💬 31   
   on Nov 18, 2022

they only have 3.5% market share in the US and less than 2% in the rest of the world. the market opportunity is still so big for them. this is a long term buy without a question. $tsla

Tesla May Follow Musk's Advice With Plans To Refine Lithium Locally
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   on Sep 10, 2022

There's plenty of lithium, but mining it and refining it are lacking. Tesla may build a refinery of i

$tsla #lithium-battery

Flying Through Giga Berlin
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   on Apr 09, 2022

This is simply amazing. long $tsla

Some ideas about Tesla
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   on Apr 03, 2022

Deliveries are lower than analyst estimates. Production number is lower than last quarter. This is not going to be a good news for tomorrow's trading session most likely. As a company with p/e ratio over 200 you need to do better. $tsla

Elon Musk giving 'serious thought' to build a new social media platform
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   on Mar 28, 2022

Tesla Inc Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk is giving "serious thought" to building a new social media platform, the billionaire said in a tweet on Saturday.

rip $fb. $tsla

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   on Jan 26, 2022

Buy 5 shares of [email protected]$888 The reason I'm buying is because EV adoption rate grows exponentially and Tesla is the leading player in EV market. Other reasons include:

  • Energy generation/storage business is about to take off.
  • 4680 battery is online soon.
  • FSD and AGI problems would be solved in near future that drive the profit to another level.

Buying Tesla is more like to buy multiple innovation companies in one shop and each business brings lots of profit that could potentially make Tesla the world's largest company.

By: currresi123 Swap   💬 5   
   on Jan 25, 2022

buy DIP buy DIP buy DIP buy DIP buy DIP buy DIP Results this week

This Tesla owner says he mines up to $800 a month in cryptocurrency with his car
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 98   
   on Jan 09, 2022


By: tigger lazy guy   💬 5   
   on Jan 06, 2022

electric vehicle manufacturer ,clean energy / stroage company., batteries provider , FSD software and even charge station

By: marketwatcher lazy guy   💬 5   
   on Jan 05, 2022

Innovative and tech company with EVs, solar, bore well. If they open factory in India, their sales goes up.

Tesla Model Y gets an AMD Ryzen chip upgrade in China
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   on Nov 29, 2021

Electrek has learned Tesla is shipping the electric crossover in China with an AMD Ryzen processor running the infotainment system instead of the usual Intel CPU. 

More good news for AMD and bad news for Intel.


5 Penny Stocks To Buy According To Analysts With Targets Up To 156%
By: pennystocks101 lazy guy    
   on Nov 16, 2021

If you’re looking for penny stocks to buy right now, I’m sure you’ve looked at some of the hot trends in the stock market today. We’ve discussed plenty of them in November too. Whether it’s the latest round of short squeeze penny stocks, meme stocks, popular penny stocks on Webull, or the latest metaverse stocks, there’s no shortage of themes. However, don’t forget some of the fundamentals. There’s something to be said about companies that may not be “trendy” but have business models highly valued by investors and analysts.

Though things like analyst ratings aren’t the only thing to use for research, they can help give some deeper insight into how Wall Street feels about specific companies. This brings us to today’s list of penny stocks: those with bullish ratings and price targets. The last few months have seen market analysts focus on more than just the top stocks like Tesla (NASDAQ: $TSLA) or Amazon (NASDAQ: $AMZN). Many are following some of the smaller companies, and yes, that includes penny stocks.

5 Penny Stocks To Buy [According To Analysts]

  • Matinas Biopharma Holdings Inc.(NYSE: $MTNB)
  • Xeris Biopharma Holdings Inc.(NASDAQ: $XERS)
  • Phunware Inc.(NASDAQ: $PHUN)
  • Verb Technology Company Inc.(NASDAQ: $VERB)
  • Progenity Inc.(NASDAQ: $PROG)

Penny Stocks To Buy [According To HC Wainwright]:

1. Matinas Biopharma Holdings Inc.(NYSE:MTNB)

Matinas has enjoyed a solid end of the year so far. In early September, shares of MTNB stock traded around 80 cents. Since then, the penny stock has jumped above the $1 mark. Matinas focuses on therapeutic delivery methods. In particular, its intracellular delivery method is in development for critical therapeutic delivery using its lipid nanocrystal platform. Early data have already shown this to provide solutions to complex hurdles that’ve been encountered with current methods. Its MAT2501 candidate, for example, dosed its first patient in a Phase 1 trial with complete enrollment anticipated in the second quarter of 2022.

Best Penny Stocks to Buy Now? 3 to Watch in Mid-November 2021

Recent MTNB Stock News

It’s earnings season, and in line with that, Matinas’ recent news came in the form of a quarterly update. The company highlighted several key advancements, including new board additions and favorable safety and efficacy data in its EnACT study of its MAT2203 platform in treating cryptococcal meningitis. DSMB evaluation and cohort progression assessment are expected by the end of 2021. Matinas also said that it plans to meet with the FDA next month to review data and discuss the potential for approval of MAT2203.

MTNB Stock Forecast

HC Wainwright analysts are bullish on MTNB stock based on their most recent rating. The firm has a Buy on the penny stock along with a price target of $3. Based on November 15’s closing price of $1.17, that target is 156% higher right now.

best penny stocks to buy now Matinas Biopharma MTNB stock chart

2. Xeris Biopharma Holdings Inc.(NASDAQ:XERS)

Shares of Xeris Biopharma have been climbing for the last few sessions. Thanks to a surge of interest in stocks with insider buying, XERS has gained some added interest. The company specializes in treatment development in endocrinology, neurology, and gastroenterology. Its recent collaboration with Merck has put a focus on the company’s XeriJect platform for use with monoclonal antibodies to engineer ready-to-use formulations. This is also just one of several platforms in Xeris’ portfolio. The company also has Gvoke (liquid glucagon for treating hypoglycemia), Keveyis (FDA approved for periodic paralysis), and XeriSol for formulation technology.

Recent XERS Stock News

This month Xeris reported its latest round of quarterly results. The company missed EPS estimates by 2 cents per share but beat sales estimates. Paul R. Edick, Chairman, and CEO of Xeris Biopharma, explained, “Since the closing of the Strongbridge acquisition in early October, we have completed integration of the operations. We are operating as one company and are on track to realize $50 million in synergies, while at the same time intensely preparing for the potential commercial launch of Recorlev. We are in a strong cash position to drive continued growth of Gvoke and Keveyis, prepare for and launch Recorlev in Q1 2022 if approved, and continue to advance our pipeline products.”

XERS Stock Forecast

Analysts at HC Wainwright have given XERS stock a buy rating along with a $4 price target. Compared to Monday’s closing price of $2.48, this is 101% higher right now.

best penny stocks to buy now Xeris Biopharma XERS stock chart

3. Phunware Inc.(NASDAQ:PHUN)

Phunware Inc. has been in and out of the spotlight ever since the debut of former President Trump’s social media SPAC deal. Digital World Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: $DWAC) is slated to become the new home for Donald Trump’s new social media platform, Truth Social. What does Phunware have to do with it?

4 Metaverse Penny Stocks To Watch In November 2021

Earlier this quarter, any company with some relationship to the former President or Digital World Acquisition or the Trump family caught a surge of sympathy momentum. In Phunware’s case, it was its involvement with an app during the Trump campaign. Shares surged from around $1 to highs of more than $24. Things have settled back down quickly, but it doesn’t mean the market has forgotten about PHUN stock.

Recent PHUN Stock News

This week Phunware reported its latest round of earnings. The company beat Wall Street estimates on earnings per share, reporting a gain of $0.01 vs. an expected loss per share of $0.04. However, Phunware was unable to impress when it came to sales figures. Regardless, the company has been in the spotlight for more than just its exposure to the Trump name. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have played a more significant role as well. In its earnings update, Phunware explained that it currently holds roughly 129 Bitcoin and that new acquisitions, including Lyte Technology, can add immediate profitability helping with Phunware’s current blockchain initiatives.

“Rolling forward, we are committed to not only growing our digital currency holdings in the future, but we also expect to add Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to our corporate treasury activities.” - Matt Aune, CFO of Phunware

PHUN Stock Forecast

The recent rating from HC Wainwright sets the stage for Phunware’s stock forecast. The firm has a Buy rating and just boosted its $2 price target to $5. Based on PHUN’s closing price on November 16, that target is roughly 37% higher right now.

best penny stocks to buy now Phunware Inc. PHUN stock chart

Penny Stocks To Buy [According To Alliance Global]

4. Verb Technology Company Inc.(NASDAQ:VERB)

Verb Technology continues climbing after testing its 200-day moving average about a week ago. Shares of VERB stock bounced from lows of $1.78 to highs of over $2 this week. The tech company has gained some attention thanks to new advancements made with its Software-as-a-Service platforms. This includes everything from video-based sales applications, shippable videos, customer relationship management platforms, and marketing applications.

Recent VERB Stock News

This week Verb released its third-quarter earnings results. Thanks, in part, to continued progress in gaining new SaaS contracts and recurring revenues, Verb realized significant growth both quarter over quarter and year over year. Combined revenues were up more than 20% compared to Q2, 2021, and total digital revenues jumped 30% over the same period. With the latest launch of a new sports vertical and partnership with the Pittsburgh Penguins, the company anticipates driving ticket sales and fan engagement to build this new arm even further.

VERB Stock Forecast

Alliance Global Has set its sights high when it comes to Verb. The firm has a Buy rating and set a price target at $4; 101% higher than Monday’s closing price.

best penny stocks to buy now Verb Technology Company VERB stock chart

Penny Stocks To Buy [Acording To Piper Sandler]

5. Progenity Inc.(NASDAQ:PROG)

Progenity has been on our list of penny stocks to watch for months at this point. The most significant factor that traders have focused on is PROG stock’s short interest. You only need to look as far as our Monday article and the update on Progenity (See: Best Penny Stocks To Buy? 5 Short Squeeze Stocks To Watch Now). Fintel showed that PROG stock has a short float percentage of 26.37%. By most accounts, this is a higher than average short interest, and it seems like the market has noticed.

Recent PROG Stock News

Besides news that Progenity participates in Piper Sandler’s Virtual Healthcare Conference next week, earnings are the latest focus. The company announced worse than expected earnings earlier this month. However, that hasn’t put a pause to the massive move that PROG stock has seen.

3 Reddit Penny Stocks That You Need to Add to Your Watchlist

One of the key highlights from the company’s overview included how Progenity is transforming into a more streamlined company. This consists of a new CEO, Adi Mohanty, who was appointed earlier this month. It also includes additional board appointments and some fundamental changes in its debt structure to the tune of a $20.175 million reduction.

PROG Stock Forecast

Unlike other companies on this list of penny stocks, PROG has quickly approached analyst estimates. If you look at Piper Sandler’s most recent rating, the firm has Progenity at Overweight along with a $5 target. Based on Monday’s closing price, the target sits “only” 44% higher right now.

best penny stocks to buy now Progenity Inc. PROG stock chart

Penny Stocks To Buy Or Avoid

Keep in mind that analyst estimates are only one piece of the puzzle to account for when researching companies. When looking for penny stocks to buy, studying charts and news and digging into some rumors can even help paint a more colorful picture. Make sure to have a complete understanding of the companies on your list and why they may be moving to make an informed decision whether to buy or avoid them in the end.

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Hertz Order for 100,000 EVs Sends Tesla Value to $1 Trillion
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 98   
   on Oct 26, 2021

When Hertz does that all other car rental companies would be forced the do the same thing. That going EV is not a choice anymore for car rental companies.

$tsla $car

5 Short Squeeze Penny Stocks To Buy For Under $5 Right Now
By: pennystocks Penny Stocks []    
   on Sep 29, 2021

Trading penny stocks is something people do every day. But over the last 18 months, a lot has changed. There’s a lot more chatter among retail traders, and that’s to be expected. Millions of new market participants have entered the ring looking to make money with penny stocks and blue chips.

The rise of meme stocks opened the flood gates for new trends to take hold in the stock market today. Things are becoming more thematic, whether it’s the latest sector trend like energy and electric vehicles or simply looking for penny stocks under $1. One of the more popular and recently discussed themes relates to stocks with higher levels of short interest. These “short squeeze stocks” are sought after by mainly retail traders. They’re looking to capitalize on volatility that can ensue from a short squeeze.

What’s A Short Squeeze?

I’ll briefly touch on the metrics of a short squeeze. Then we’ll dive into a list of potential short squeeze penny stocks that can be bought for under $5. So, what is a short squeeze? To understand this, you’ll need to know what shorting is in the first place. Without getting into an entire lesson on short squeezes, let’s look at some basics. Shorting is when a trader expects a stock to decline. To benefit from this, the trader borrows shares from a broker, sells them, then hopes to repurchase them at a lower price later on to return the shares to the lender. The difference between the higher selling price and the lower buyback price is the profit.

Read more: 5 Penny Stocks To Watch Under $1 After CEI Stock’s 900% Rally

When a short squeeze gets triggered, the stock ends up going higher instead of lower. Short sellers still need to cover their short but are forced to buy back shares at higher prices and take a loss. As short cover volume combines with retail buying, the shorts get “squeezed” or forced to cover. This is something we’ve seen happen with companies like Camber Energy (NYSE: $CEI), AMC Entertainment (NYSE: $AMC), GameStop (NYSE: $GME), and countless others this year.

Short Squeeze Penny Stocks To Buy Under $5

Short squeeze penny stocks typically have a few common traits. First, they’ve got higher short interest. This is based on the percentage of the float short at a given time. Many will also have a lower float. However, this isn’t always the case. However, the lower the float, the more volatile things can become. No matter how “cheap” a stock might be, it’s essential to take multiple factors into account. Will these be the best penny stocks to buy right now?

  • Farmmi Inc. (NASDAQ: $FAMI)
  • Enveric Biosciences (NASDAQ: $ENVB)
  • Progenity Inc. (NASDAQ: $PROG)
  • Alset EHome International (NASDAQ: $AEI)
  • US Well Services (NASDAQ: $USWS)

1. Farmmi Inc. (NASDAQ:FAMI)

One of the hot penny stocks under $1 to watch this week is Farmmi Inc. It has its primary business model focused on mushrooms. I’m not talking about the popular trend in psychedelics, though. Farmmi specializes in things like fungus and Shiitake mushrooms and sells to a global consumer base. It has also begun expanding its offerings through a series of new acquisitions and establishing additional subsidiaries.

I won’t give a history lesson on the company. But what I will say is that September has been or of the more active months for corporate updates. Part of that string of news were headlines related to a discounted financing round that brought in $81 million and triggered a sell-off in the stock. Since things have settled down, retail traders are refocusing on Farmmi’s expansion plans.

In an update this week, CEO Yefang Zhang explained Farmmi’s recent acquisitions and expansionary plans. These include its newly acquired Jiangxi Xiangbo Agriculture and Forestry Development company. New products like bamboo, Chinese fir trees, and Camellia oil came with this purchase. Farmmi also established several subsidiaries focused on health and wellness.

However, the focus seems to be more on the FAMI stock price and short position. It’s currently trading below $0.30, and short float percentages are hovering around 38%. Given a focus on penny stocks under $1 and potential short squeeze stocks, FAMI could be one to watch.

short squeeze penny stocks to buy under $5 Farmmi Inc. FAMI stock chart

2. Enveric Biosciences (NASDAQ:ENVB)

Similar to Farmmi, Enveric is also focused on mushrooms. But in this case, we’re talking about the “magic” kind of fungus. Specifically, Enviric is taking a step into neuroscience through the acquisition of MagicMed Industries. This deal will see the companies focus on creating a library of derivative psychedelic molecules such as psilocybin, N, N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and other molecular derivatives.

In a press release earlier this month, Dr. Joseph Tucker, incoming CEO of Enveric, explained, “Our platform has the potential to disrupt and unlock much-needed mental health treatments through psychedelic therapies…We have brought together pharma and biotech experts with years of experience in bringing innovative treatments to market as well as a discovery team with a world-class biotech laboratory.”

Read more: These Penny Stocks Are Popular With Retail Traders Right Now

This progress has also earned the company some bullish attention from analysts. Aegis and Maxim have both gotten behind Enviric with Buy ratings this summer. Maxim’s current price target is $6, while Aegis has a $7 target. As far as potential short squeezes go, ENVB stock is on the lower end of “high short interest stocks.” In this case, most data shows a short float percentage of around 14%.

short squeeze penny stocks to buy under $5 Enveric Biosciences ENVB stock chart

3. Progenity Inc. (NASDAQ:PROG)

On the more traditional side of biotechnology, Progenity has also come onto this list of short squeeze stocks. Most outlets show PROG stock short float percentage over 40% right now, which is high by any account. It also has a relatively lower float in comparison to some of the other names on this list. So keep this in mind as well.

Unlike Enveric, Progenity is developing products for molecular testing. The company has worked on advancing things like its PreecludiaTM test to rule out preeclampsia in pregnant patients. A recent study demonstrated that Preecludia could “significantly distinguish” between the presence and absence of preeclampsia. Furthermore, this month Progenity was granted a patent for its preeclampsia rule-out test.

According to the company, this test is expected to target an addressable market of up to $3 billion annually. With a patent granted, this could help open opportunities for partnerships and additional commercialization opportunities. This is what Matthew Cooper, Ph.D., chief scientific officer of Progenity, explained earlier this month.

With a higher short float percentage and considering it’s one of the penny stocks under $1 right now, it could be one to watch.

short squeeze penny stocks to buy under $5 Progenity Inc. PROG stock chart

4. Alset EHome International (NASDAQ:AEI)

Another one of the penny stocks we’ve discussed is Alset EHome International. The company focuses on sustainable healthy living and develops EHome communities. Other facets of the business focus on myriad industries all centered around technology. In more recent news the company was wearing its investing hat, so to speak. Alset took a larger stake in another penny stock company, Document Security Systems. Alset owned roughly 11.7% of the common stock of DSS.

“This exercise demonstrates the confidence AEI has in DSS and exemplifies the value we place in DSS as a company that we are able to work together with for a brighter future,” commented the Company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Heng Fai Chan. “We are excited by what lies ahead for the two companies and what we are able to achieve together on an accelerated basis through a shared vision.”

Even though this was the most recent, it hasn’t been the sole focus of traders. One of the updates that have stuck with the retail public is Alset’s deal with Tesla (NASDAQ: $TSLA) earlier this summer. The company entered into a strategic agreement with Tesla for an initial supply of Tesla PV solar panels, Powerwalls and electric-vehicle chargers to be installed at single-family homes. Alset further expressed interest in acquiring more units for its Houston area pads for delivery this year with plans to develop more than 5,000 intelligently designed Ehomes in the next three to five years.

Similar to PROG, AEI stock shows a percentage float short figure on the higher end of the spectrum. Most data sources have this sitting north of 30% right now.

short squeeze penny stocks to buy under $5 BEST Inc. BEST stock chart

5. US Well Services (NASDAQ:USWS)

Energy stocks have been red hot this month. More recently, this week has seen countless oil and gas, carbon capture, and even alternative energy stocks climb. This includes producers, supply chain management, distribution, and everything in between. US Well Services is part of the “picks and shovels” portion of the energy industry. The company provides hydraulic facing services for electric fracing stimulation.

This year US Well Services has focused on transitioning to a fully electric frac services company. In its second-quarter update, CEO Joel Boussard explained that “during the quarter we finalized the design of our new 6,000 HHP Nyx Clean Fleet(R) pump, resolved outstanding litigation, began implementing a plan to reduce term loan borrowings, and raised funds to grow our electric fleet.”

The fact that we were able to accomplish so much while maintaining the highest levels of service quality and posting strong financial results is a testament to the resolve, efficiency and capability of the U.S. Well Services team.

With energy industry activity improving, related stocks have begun benefiting. As far as USWS being considered in the “short squeeze stock” category, most data shows a short float percentage of around 20%.

short squeeze penny stocks to buy under $5 US Well Services USWS stock chart

Will Penny Stocks Experience A Short Squeeze?

Short squeeze stocks have become a fan favorite among retail traders. But they aren’t for everyone. If you don’t understand how to trade when extreme volatility is in play, it’s best to get a bit more experience first. Understand how to set up your trading plan, identify profit targets, and determine what works best for you when prices are all over the board. Regardless, when short squeezes happen, they can bring the potential for some of the most extensive breakouts in the stock market today.

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Michael Burry of ‘The Big Short’ reveals a $530 million bet against Tesla
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 98   
   on Jun 24, 2021

He's usually right but he's also usually early in predicting crash or rallies. He's 2 years early in terms of predicting the housing market crash and a few months early in the gme peak.

And this time he's shorting Tesla. Let's see how it plays out for him this time.


Inside Tesla's New Shanghai Gigafactory
By: alphagamma lazy guy   💬 3   
   on May 04, 2021

While the Chinese government is renowned for imposing strict import regulations on other countries and companies, its deal with Tesla hits just that little bit more different.


Bitcoin reached 60,000 level now and is consistently reaching all time high every couple days
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 98   
   on Mar 14, 2021

Bitcoin is moving up at a consistent pace and reaching all time high once every few weeks. And it reached $61,000 today. It's most likely we would see blockchain stocks like $mara, $ncty, $riot, $sos going up again next week. $sq and $tsla is probably going to be good as well with their bitcoin exposure. Tesla purchased a lot of coins at $30,000 level and their investments on that batch is already up 100%. And that is about a couple hundred millions to 1 billion of gains on paper already.

Keep in mind that it costs a few billion to build a gigafactory. And that means they just make 20-25% of the money to build another gigafactory (if they sell). And when bitcoin continues to go up then they can use that to build more factories and scale up their production efficiently that no other EV competitors can.

Square also has a lot of bitcoins. Also they have a large number of bitcoin enthusiasts and the Cashapp community is growing. And with Tesla and Square having a moderate weight in the indexes the outlook for Nasdaq and S&P500 is great for the next week at least.

Investing in $sq and $tsla for blockchain exposure makes sense because they're well-managed companies with a good reputation. What I don't understand is those who invest in companies like $ncty or $sos or others. There were blockchain companies going Kaizer Soze a few years ago when they claimed their founders went missing abroad or dead and then all the bitcoins on the accounts are lost because those companies cannot recover the coins anymore. And then the investors just lose everything. There's no guarantee that wouldn't happen again for blockchain companies in 2021, because human nature doesn't change.

And for mining companies like $sos they literally are just a factory running a lot of miners. And that's it. There's no guarantee if those companies would continue to exist in a few years because, in my opinion, it is not hard to setup a factory of minors to do that. You do not need talents to do that, you only need electricity and money to do it.

Also what I find interesting is if you think bitcoin is going to have a good future shouldn't you just invest in bitcoins directly? You can invest in companies investing in bitcoins for you but to me it's just like giving your money to others to let them gamble for you. But it seems a lot of people think that is a great idea in 2021.

So watch out when you invest in those blockchain companies. They're likely to continue to be good in the next while but be vigilant and only invest in the best ones, because if bad things happen you might lose everything but at least you'd feel less remorse than if you don't do your due diligence at all.