Teladoc Health, Inc
Teladoc Health, Inc

Teladoc Health, Inc. provides virtual healthcare services on a business-to-business basis in the United States and internationally. It covers various clinical conditions, including non-critical, episodic care, chronic, and complicated cases like cancer and congestive heart failure, as well as offers telehealth solutions, chronic condition management, expert medical services, behavioral health solutions, guidance and support, and platform and prog...
Founded: 2002
IPO date: 2015-07-01
IPO price: $19
Full Time Employees: 4,400
Founder: Brooks Michael Gorton 
CEO: Jason Gorevic  (2009~)
Sector: Healthcare
Industry: Health Information Services
Stock price: $28.38 (-0.45%)
Amazon health-care threat? Teladoc CEO says it’s ‘overrated,’ but he should be worried
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 97   
   on Jun 13, 2021

Amazon Care is expected to expand to its own employees in all 50 states this summer. It has been adding workers faster than any company in history, more than 500,000 in 2020. It also has had a deal with employer health provider Crossover Health for in-person employee health clinics that continues to expand across states with a goal of putting these clinics within a few miles of all Amazon employees, especially in light of the attention its workplace injury rates have received.

Amazon has 1m employees. It's pretty easy to see Amazon taking on Tdoc on this remote doctor thing. Let's face it at the end of the day it's just an app with some doctors it's nothing too esoteric.


Teladoc Health
By: chahalnavy lazy guy   💬 5   
   on Sep 13, 2020

Online medical appointments, always helpful for everybody, great opportunities, solutions & cost n time saving.

Teladoc Health
By: curious1meglodon curiousmegladon   💬 2   
   on Aug 09, 2020

With the importance of accessible healthcare at an all time high, TDOC is a crucial company. Their perfect merger with Livongo is also great as it pushes them toward the goal. I see the company growing tremendously over the coming time.

Signs of the market topping
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 97   
   on Aug 08, 2020

There are signs of the market topping this week. A few signs I am looking at are $GRPN, $CVNA, $JMIA, $STMP, and high growth names $TDOC, $TWLO, $DDOG lead me to believe this market is due for big corrections. So I trimmed my positions greatly this week.

Jumia ($JMIA) rallied 400% in less than a month (July 7, 2020 to Aug 4, 2020) and on Aug 3 alone their price jumped 35%. Bear in mind that their price dropped 95% from high of $48.00 to $2.15 within a year. Generally, for a company with a great future, the share price would not drop 95%. People are saying this company going to be Amazon in Africa and but I can't see that happening to be honest. If there's going to be an Amazon in Africa it's going to be Amazon. Also when you go to forums everywhere even forums in Taiwan you can see people talking about $JMIA. This shows how speculative the market is.

Carvana ($CVNA) is a company that tries to sell you a car in a vending machine. They announced their earnings on Aug 6 and they missed both their revenue and earnings estimate. And then the stock price jumped 28%. If you ask people do you want to buy a car from Tesla or from a vending machine I'm sure the majority of people would choose the first one. So why is the price up significantly on misses? No one knows, not even the investment banks. ($STMP) offers you postage solutions. They gave good earnings numbers and on Aug 7 their price went up 18%. They're up now because of the COVID situation that helps many small businesses to facilitate their e-commerce solutions. But this is a company that does not have a good future. Maybe their company is undervalued now but once this COVID thing goes away their stock price would drop greatly because they simply do not have paths forward from here.

Groupon is another service that is getting less and less traction. And on Aug 7, 2020 their price jumped 50%. The same argument with the rally I do not think this is sustainable.

Now let's take a look at growth companies. A lot of interesting things happen this week. Companies like $DDOG, $TDOC, and $TWLO announced their earnings or mergers and those are really good news for the company. They beat the consensus estimates and raise their guidance and is going to dominate whatever their do in their space. And their price drops regardless. Teladoc merged with Livongo so in the future you do not need to go to a hospital with minor symptoms. Do they have a good future ahead? The answer is very likely yes. Same for DataDog and Twilio they continue to be the dominant player in their niche so before their crash their price was already up 1000% in a few years. So maybe all the good things is already priced in and now it's time for corrections to happen.

What does it mean when the best things in the market like $TDOC, $DDOG, $TWLO that continues to grow at 40-70% per quarter gets beat and when companies do not have a future to rally? That's a sure sign something is off with the market. I do not see myself as part of the market.


Teladoc Health
By: jesse823 lazy guy   💬 5   
   on Aug 06, 2020

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By: riceland lazy guy   💬 1   
   on Jun 21, 2019

In the earlier earnings call Teladoc reported revenue growth of 43% and U.S. paid membership growth of 28%. Growth is good. Would be curious to look into the company and see if this growth is sustainable.