SentinelOne, Inc. is an American cybersecurity company listed on NYSE based in Mountain View, California. The company was founded in 2013 by Tomer Weingarten, Almog Cohen and Ehud Shamir. Weingarten acts as the company's CEO. Nicholas Warner is the company's COO.
Founded: 2013
IPO date: 2021-06-30
IPO price: $35
Full Time Employees: 850
CEO / Co-Founder: Tomer Weingarten 
CFO: David Bernhardt 
CTO: Ric Smith 
Sector: Communication Services
Industry: Telecom Services
Next Earnings Date: 2022-12-06
Stock price: $14.8 (-1.53%)
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   on Nov 17, 2022

Good ER and might be a good story for cybersec tomorrow. $s $okta $panw

FTI Consulting Selects SentinelOne to Accelerate Incident Response and Enhance Cyber Readiness Services Across Global Customer Portfolio
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   on Apr 08, 2022

SentinelOne (NYSE: S), an autonomous cybersecurity platform company, today announced a strategic alliance with FTI Consulting, a global business advisory firm.


SentinelOne Singularity XDR Wins CRN’s 2021 Product of the Year Award for Endpoint
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   on Dec 13, 2021

SentinelOne is differentiated in its ability to innovate at scale and create a hyper-growth global go-to-market. According to CRN, “SentinelOne’s decision to rely on partners for services delivery stands in contrast to rival CrowdStrike, which has a broad portfolio of vendor-delivered assessment, advisory, technical, managed and incident response services.” Today, thousands of technology partners lead with Singularity XDR, bringing SentinelOne into enterprises to replace legacy antivirus and other next-gen products.
“We’ve created a cloud-native XDR platform that rapidly deploys across all major operating systems and cloud infrastructures delivering AI-powered visibility, protection, and autonomous response,” said Nicholas Warner, COO, SentinelOne. “SentinelOne sets itself apart with our technology, innovation, and partner-friendly approach – together these are structural and long-lasting competitive moats.”


SentinelOne Q2 FY2022 earnings report
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   on Oct 20, 2021

Lots of good news in there. According to them they have something called XDR that grows 6x revenue in a year and that accounts for 10% of the business.

The following is from their shareholder letter:

we believe XDR must automatically collect and correlate data across the entire enterprise control plane, unlocking faster and more comprehensive threat detection and autonomous response. We’re already seeing strong demand for our modules that span IoT, cloud, and data solutions. 

This is really something. Because if you're still able to grow your XDR business 6x next year and that means you would be looking at at least 6*10% + 90% = 150% revenue growth even if the other part of the business stop growing completely. 6x might be an over-estimate but you're likely looking at a company growing somewhere around 120% in the next few quarters for sure.

According to them XDR is AI-driven for you to detect and react to threats much faster compare to other existing solutions. Maybe this is something to look for for the company in the next while.


long $S

SentinelOne S-1
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   on Sep 08, 2021

According to their S-1 their Q1 revenue growth is 108% yoy. They lose twice the amount of their revenue in Q1 but apparently this is ok for tech companies in 2021. Maybe this is how companies grow in 2021.

Earnings is tomorrow this would be interest to pay some attention to.