Netflix, Inc
Netflix, Inc

Netflix, Inc. provides entertainment services. It offers TV series, documentaries, and feature films across various genres and languages. The company provides members the ability to receive streaming content through a host of Internet-connected devices, including TVs, digital video players, television set-top boxes, and mobile devices. It also provides DVDs-by-mail membership services. The company has approximately 204 million paid members in 190...
Founded: Aug 29, 1997
Full Time Employees: 9,400
CEO: Reed Hastings  (1998~)
Sector: Technology
Industry: Entertainment
Next Earnings Date: 2023-01-19
Stock price: $320.45 (+1.11%)
Manifest is not bad
By: liszt lazy guy   💬 10   
   on Nov 21, 2022

Manifest is not bad. Everybody would be watching it pretty soon. Given that they can produce shows for cheap we would all be watching their shows like everyday in the future. $nflx

By: raspberry lazy guy   💬 31   
   on Nov 17, 2022

forward p/e of 25 with a company that's still growing in revenue and userbase relatively fast this seems like a buy to me. It's one of the goto TV options these days for cheap. who's on Amazon prime or Apple TV btw? $nflx $amzn $aapl

Netflix shares fall 20% on slowing subscriber growth
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 98   
   on Jan 21, 2022

The company said for the first quarter of 2022, it expects to add 2.5 million subscribers, compared to the 3.98 million it added in Q1 2021.


By: marketwatcher lazy guy   💬 5   
   on Jan 05, 2022

Expecting more subscribers due to upcoming show. This is currently at low price

Netflix having yet another good quarter
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 98   
   on Oct 19, 2021

Paid Memberships increase accelerated again. They're on track of becoming the world's goto TV subscriptions. $nflx

The stock is down 1% in after-hour trading. This might be because they're already up 20% in a few weeks.

Netflix raises prices on standard and premium plans
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 98   
   on Nov 01, 2020

Right after they announced that they're going to raise premium the price shot up by 5%, which is a bit surprising because that seems to me like they're inviting competition and will lose a lot of market share to Prime video and others.

Not sure it it's a good thing for them in the long run.


Rip Netflix
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 98   
   on Oct 22, 2020

Netflix guided 2.5m new paid users in the previous earnings call which is far lower then the consensus estimate of 5m. And today it shows that they only added 2.2m paid users despite everyone is staying at home.

This is a sell. Valuations had already gone out of whack and this is not sustainable in the long run. $nflx

Netflix shares fall after earnings miss, weak subscriber guidance for third quarter
By: tachyon Very lazy guy   💬 23   
   on Jul 16, 2020

Netflix is very popular but the upside is quite limited imo. $NFLX

Stories in the market simply don't add up
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 98   
   on Apr 26, 2020

Dow Jones index seems to be doing ok lately. It went up almost 35% from the bottom of last month. At the same time, a lot of tech companies are doing really great and is up around 50-100% from the bottom. Amazon ($AMZN) and Netflix ($NFLX), for example, has made new all-time highs. Tesla also went up 100% from the bottom. It's as if nothing happened in the past 2 months.

But if you look closely you will notice the Dow Jones index daily chart is strictly blocked under 50ma. Banks, cruises, and energy stocks are still slowly slipping away. Boeing is slowing heading toward $100 area again. Oil futures plummet to negative closing price. The market is telling you something is off, and you should stay away.

I actually have Amazon since mid-March and was able to gain a quick 30% gain in like 3 weeks. At the same time, Amazon market cap went up around 50% and is now a company sitting at a 1.2T market cap with an astronomical p/e ratio of 104.83. Also, I was looking at Netflix and Tesla. Netflix also went up 50% and is at a p/e ratio of around 100. Tesla went up 100% in the same time and is still not making money just like so many other tech companies.

If you tell me this isn't lunacy then I am not sure what is.

If you ask any elementary school students whether or not p/e ratio of 100-1000 makes sense then I am sure they would tell you it doesn't. Also, if you ask them whether or not Amazon and Netflix reached the top I'd guess maybe 80% of them would say yes. But for investors this is seemingly very hard to tell.

I think Netflix and Amazon probably just topped in the past week. Take Netflix for example, Netflix has 182.8m subscribers as of April 2020. I am also a subscriber of their service but in my case we have 5 people sharing the same account. I'd say it's the same for a lot of people. Let's assume, on average, each subscription would mean 5 times the amount of audiences they have. So that means they already have 1 billion audiences worldwide. And that means you can grow at most 7.5 times more of your user base in the future, given that we have 7.5b people worldwide. But if you take into account that Netflix would never be able to enter China and some countries for political reasons, or there are counties that simply cannot afford the service you'll know the upside for their user growth is limited. If you're fortunate to grow your user base for another 2x and then that would drop the p/e ratio to around 50 at the current price level. I simply can't see any upsides from here.

Same for Amazon. Whoever has prime would already have prime. Also it's biggest business is an e-commerce store. Is it possible for this part of business to grow? I doubt it. China has it. South Africa has it. Brazil has it. So many other countries has it. Can you eventually move your store to those countries? Probably not. So I find it hard to justify having p/e 100 with little prospect of growing in the future.

Currently, economists are predicting a 100% probability of going into a recession in the next 12 months. People are getting laid off everywhere. Parks and cruises and restaurants are closed. Coronavirus has 2m confirmed and 10% death rate. Also potentially 13% of people in NY are infected but without symptoms and there's no set timelines for the market to reopen. Those stories simply don't add up with the market rally in the past 4 weeks.

Next week is going to be a big week for company earnings. Let's see if things would go back to reflect the dire reality that people are actually suffering. Maybe infinity QE works but I doubt that it would work indefinitely.


Disclaimer: I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. This is not a stock recommendation but rather just expressing a view. We hope this can help you increase your probability of finding great companies in the stock market. Please do your own due diligence.

Trading Coronavirus
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 98   
   on Mar 01, 2020

There's a big news in the past few weeks - coronavirus.

News and videos are coming out from Wuhan everyday since end of January and things seem to be really bad. People are lining up in front of hospitals and the city is running out of hearses and body bags. People in neighboring countries are on high alert and wear masks wherever they go.

You can't take it for granted when a virus cause the entire city of Wuhan to lockdown. This means the virus is going to have bad impacts and I was convinced the virus would eventually hit Toronto, which is where I live. So maybe I have to prepare for an outbreak as well.

I went to Walmart and Shoppers around late Jan and I couldn't find the masks anywhere. They're all sold out. So it's unfortunate that I don't have too many masks left in my storage.

This also convinced me that buying facial masks manufacturer in a potential outbreak might be a good idea. Some of my friends mentioned $APT to me. It's a company that specializes in making facial masks and related medical devices. Their financials are also ok. It's a solid company with p/e ratio around 15 before the price breakout and even when it's up 50% - 100% the p/e ratio is still reasonable. if you have an outbreak you'd need to wear masks for many reasons.

I bought this around Jan 29 around 5.x.

APT is something I really don't understand. And everyday I was looking at APT to move sideways. And the big / ask spread is so big no one is trading it and the spread can get up to 2-3%. Also in the next 20 days I was convinced by world media that the outbreak is contained in China and is probably not gonna happen in the US so I sold out this position around Feb 12 around $5.

And a few days ago it jumped all of a sudden and within 3 days this is already trading around $40 USD. What I don't understand is how is it not moving at all in the past 20 days. Is it all the media is so manipulated that they don't tell you the truth? Or is it just lack of experience that I am not able to hold it a bit longer. Maybe it's a bit of both.

I am already away from $APT now but would like to observe how this one would play out during this coronavirus outbreak.

There also seem to be a few other coronavirus betting proxy during an outbreak. Zoom is one great example. It went up 30% in Feb. It's reasonable because when you have an outbreak and cannot go to work you'd use video conference tools like Zoom more than before. And according to them the number of users they acquired in the first 2 months in 2020 is greater than the total users they acquired in 2019. So you'd expect them to have a great year ahead.

Same thing for Netflix and Slack. If you cannot go out to work then you would spend a lot of time watching movies or chatting with your colleagues remotely. So chances are the services would benefit from a potential outbreak.

So there are safer investments like this during a potential market downturn compare to others. If you can protect your capital during a market crash like this than the chances of you being financially good would increase long term.


NFLX long-term breakout potential
By: stockbreakoutplays lazy guy    
   on Feb 12, 2020

$NFLX has been stuck in a range for almost 2 years now. If it can finally get over the 385 area we may see it push towards mid 400's by spring. June calls are in play for me.

A little disappointed with Disney+
By: moodyzhan Senior Financial Consultant   💬 6   
   on Dec 10, 2019

After I tried 7 days trial for Disney+, I cancel the subscription. I have to say if you have a family with kids, that may be your choice, otherwise it is hard to compete with $NFLX with few adults movies. If $DISDisney still focus on kids for streaming business, it has to think about it. But I think it has a big plan for the late stage.

Disney+ Hits Estimated 3.2 Million App Downloads and 10 Million users on Launch Day
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 98   
   on Nov 16, 2019

Disney+ seem to be doing well since launch. 10m+ subscribers after day1. Pricing $6.99 a month is quite cheap compared to Netflix $NFLX. But in my opinion the two are not really competing with each other. They are both quite cheap. It won't hurt to have two subscriptions at the same time it still cost way less than traditional cable TVs.

Also this

Disney Plus Hits Estimated 3.2 Million App Downloads on Launch Day. Disney has been very hard to trade but overall the momentum is still going up.

continue to long $DIS

By: swingtradestocks lazy guy   💬 10   
   on Oct 08, 2019

Netflix, Inc. provides Internet entertainment services. The company operates in three segments: Domestic streaming, International streaming, and Domestic DVD. It offers TV series, documentaries, and feature films across various genres and languages. The company provides members the ability to receive streaming content through a host of Internet-connected screens, including TVs, digital video players, television set-top boxes, and mobile devices. It also provides DVDs-by-mail membership services. The company has approximately 139 million paid members in 190 countries. Netflix, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Los Gatos, California.

By: tachyon Very lazy guy   💬 23   
   on Sep 13, 2019

Although this company would be around for a while I don't see the prospects of this company making money anytime soon. Competition is just fierce out there. Avoid!

By: alphagamma lazy guy   💬 3   
   on Aug 21, 2019

Waiting for Disney $dis streaming service and maybe I can get reduced subscription fees. Completion is good for the consumers.:)

By: tachyon Very lazy guy   💬 23   
   on May 30, 2019

This stock is struggling on the trend line. If you look at the weekly chart you'll find the downside is very large. Wouldn't be interested in holding this long term the best days are already past.