AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc
AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiaries, involved in the theatrical exhibition business. The company owns, operates, or has interests in theatres. As of March 12, 2021, it operated approximately 1000 theatres and 10,700 screens in the United States and internationally. The company was founded in 1920 and is headquartered in Leawood, Kansas.
Founded: 1920
Full Time Employees: 14,234
CEO: Adam Aron  (Jan 2016~)
Sector: Communication Services
Industry: Entertainment
Next Earnings Date: 2023-02-28
Stock price: $8.17 (+0%)
amc stock
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this company is losing so much money and is gonna go away soon. $amc

5 Penny Stocks To Buy Right Now According To Reddit Social Sentiment
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   on Feb 04, 2022

Are penny stocks something that excites you? Are you trying to find ways to make money in the stock market today? If you said yes to either or both, continue reading.

One of the most important topics of discussion since the 2020 pandemic has been social sentiment. Millions of new retail traders are trying their hand at trading and investing. This has led to very different conditions in the stock market compared to what was there previously. Even for blue-chip stocks, price movements seem to be much faster or larger.

Meanwhile, the attention that penny stocks have received has been amplified. Thanks to the rise in popularity (and share price) of companies like AMC Entertainment (NYSE: $AMC) and GameStop (NYSE: $GME), “mom and pop” investors seem to have realized that “this trading thing” isn’t as hard as they thought.

Thanks to this, social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, StockTwits, Facebook, and even TikTok are becoming the “investor round table” for the new generation of retail traders. As such, many are looking for “the social buzz” to stay ahead of any potential volatility spike. Today, we look at a few hot penny stocks on Reddit, Twitter, and other social platforms that have gained interest and momentum in the stock market today.

Reddit Penny Stocks To Watch Right Now

  • MindMed Inc. (NASDAQ: $MNMD)
  • Biofrontera Inc. (NASDAQ: $BFRI)
  • Hive Blockchain Technologies (NASDAQ: $HIVE)
  • Bit Digital Inc. (NASDAQ: $BTBT)
  • Indonesia Energy Corporation (NYSE: $INDO)

Penny Stocks To Buy Under $5: MindMed Inc. (NASDAQ:MNMD)

best penny stocks to watch mindmed MNMD stock

Biotech stocks have been volatile lately. None have been more volatile than companies developing new treatment platforms. In this case, MindMed is advancing its pipeline of treatments utilizing psychedelics to treat brain-based disorders.

Despite the pullback earlier this year, MNMD stock has been on the move over the last several weeks. This was thanks, in part, to FDA-related headlines toward the end of January. The FDA cleared MindMed for an Investigational New Drug application related to its MM-120 platform. This is its drug candidate for treating generalized anxiety disorder and can now proceed into a Phase 2b dose-optimization trial.

What’s important about this trial that investors are following? According to MindMed, the company is working with study investigators and clinical trial sites in preparation for enrollment. This is expected to begin in “early” 2022. Considering that we’re in mid-Q1, timing has become a factor.

MindMed CEO Robert Barrow explained that “the results of this trial will guide the dose selection and development strategy for our pivotal Phase 3 clinical trials, as well as deepen our scientific understanding of the clinical effects of MM-120 and its underlying mechanisms of action.”

This news also came shortly after the company completed enrollment of the first patients in a study of its Session Monitoring System used for treating psychiatric disorders. What’s more, MindMed explained that the FDA’s Center for Devices, Radiological Health, and enter for Drug Evaluation and Research gave positive feedback to support a planned development strategy for the platform. Specifically, the system, SMS-01, evaluates the passive collection of sensory data during consciousness-altering therapeutic sessions.

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2. Biofrontera Inc. (NASDAQ:BFRI)

best penny stocks to buy Biofrontera BFRI stock

Sticking with the biotechnology topic, Biofrontera has yet to leave the limelight of social media discussion. This is based on the considerable spike BFRI stock made last quarter. Shares surged from under $3 to over $14 within a matter of weeks, thanks to significant developments that were announced.

Specifically, Biofrontera reported that it would report earnings soon. It also was timed with a bullish rating from Roth Capital analysts, who gave a $20 price target. This came just a few weeks after Biofrontera announced the launch of its clinical study program aimed at optimizing and expanding its market position for its Ameluz treatment. It’s Biofrontera’s in-licensed FDA-approved prescription for photodynamic therapy in the US.

Fast-forward to this month, and BFRI stock is back on the move, thanks to new headlines. The company provided an update on its patient recruitment efforts for a Phase 3 study of Ameluz in treating superficial basal cell carcinoma, in combination with its BF-RhodoLED lamp.

“Following successful FDA approval, Ameluz® would be the only drug in the United States approved for the treatment of superficial BCC with PDT, which we expect to further increase the growth potential of our flagship product Ameluz® in the medium term,” said CEO Erica Monaco.

Patient enrollment in this trial has been ongoing since 2018 and is expected to come to completion by the end of this year. The study will include 12 sites and over 180 patients. It also helps that Biofrontera was also recently granted a US Patent: “Illumination device for photodynamic therapy, method for treating skin disease and method for operating an illumination device,” to etch its corner of the market further.

3. Hive Blockchain Technologies (NASDAQ:HIVE)

bitcoin etf sec

Cryptocurrencies have been on a wild, rollercoaster ride over the last few weeks. The price of Bitcoin has flip-flopped between $35,000 and $40,000 as the market has jostled on the whole. The latest move in the leading cryptocurrency has taken it back to the $40,000 mark for the first time since January 20. With that, upbeat sentiment has come back into the market and taken certain cryptocurrency stocks along for the ride.

Hive Blockchain specializes in cryptocurrency mining. You can imagine the volatility that has been in the market recently. In line with Bitcoin’s latest move, HIVE shares have popped again. The growing concern over cryptocurrency mining’s environmental impact has sparked controversy among investors regarding related stocks. In Hive’s case, it has taken a direct approach to address these focusing on green energy and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) initiatives.

Late last year, Hive announced a strategic investment into Titan.IO, which established Lumerin, a decentralized mining marketplace. Other notable investors in Titan include Coinbase (NASDAQ: $COIN). The company offers software to help Bitcoin miners boost efficiency and scalability at lower costs. In addition, Lumerin allows peer-to-peer trading opportunities for hashpower, which is vital to crypto mining.

Hive has continued taking an investment approach to scaling its platform. Prior investments include a seed round in Titan and positions in DeFi Technologies and Network Media Group. The thing to remember when looking at any stocks tied tightly to a sector like cryptocurrency is that volatility in the underlying assets (I.E., Bitcoin) can dramatically impact the crypto market overall.

4. Bit Digital Inc. (NASDAQ:BTBT)

penny stocks to buy Bit Digital BTBT stock

Like HIVE stock, Bit Digital has also taken off thanks to a surge of bullishness in cryptocurrency prices. The digital mining company has also taken a proactive stance on the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining activities. In particular, Bit Digital is actively engaging with lawmakers and industry figureheads.

Most recently, Bit Digital reiterated its environmental track record and plans on submitting a formal testimony to the New York State Senate Standing Committees on Environmental Conservation, Energy and Telecommunications, and Internet and Technology.

“Our company has made it a point to take a leadership position regarding sustainable practices in the crypto mining industry,” said Bryan Bullett, Chief Executive Officer, Bit Digital in a January update.

“It is at the core of what we do and who we are, because Bit Digital understands that to be successful, our operations must drive innovation and economic opportunity for all members of society—while doing so in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.”

With crypto prices on the move, BTBT stock has become one of the top names to watch among social media circles right now.

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5. Indonesia Energy Corporation (NYSE:INDO)

best penny stocks to buy Indonesia Energy INDO stock

Other than crypto and biotech, energy stocks have been on fire recently. Indonesia Energy, in particular, has become one of the more volatile names in the stock market today. The oil and gas exploration company has focused its efforts in, you guessed it, Indonesia. Following a recent financing round of $7 million, INDO stock has experienced several sessions of volatility spikes and price action that took it as high as $9.21.

Based on its financing update, the use of proceeds have come into focus. The company plans on deploying funds to enhance its oil well drilling program, among other things. This comes after having reported a substantial production rate increase late last year.

Indonesia reported a 50% jump in rate following a recently compiled “Kruh 26” well at its Kruh Block project. Average production was recorded at roughly 245 barrels of oil per day. With the Kruh 26 well, the company expects to increase this figure.

With plans for drilling two back-to-back producing wells at the Kruh Block, production targets have been set at approximately 450 barrels of oil per day after the two wells are complete. As far as the timeline for this goes, Indonesia Energy said that Q3 of this year is likely when drilling will begin.

Top Penny Stocks To Buy Now

Arming yourself with a proper strategy and watch list outline can quickly help you identify potential penny stocks to buy. With so much noise on social media, it’s also essential to understand how to conduct proper research beyond seeing what people tweet about. Social sentiment can give a great heartbeat on what retail focuses on, but there’s no substitute for your own due diligence. So whether or not these are the “top penny stocks to buy” right now will heavily depend on your personal trading style and investment approach.

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$amc and $gme
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Will $amc and $gme have a bull run and short squeeze? Where will they lead the apes. Share your thoughts

Penny Stocks To Watch Under $1 With Bitcoin Prices Up 20%+ In October
By: pennystocks Penny Stocks []    
   on Oct 06, 2021

best penny stocks under $1 bitcoin price blockchain

When you look at the definition of penny stocks, you’ll likely see that most refer to these as stocks under $5. In 2021, these cheap stocks have become some of the most actively traded in the market, and for good reasons. You can’t ignore the wild swings and massive jumps that these cheap stocks make daily, and by “daily,” I mean within a single day.

Looking back at some of the most extensive breakouts of 2021 right now shows the tail of the tape. Meme stocks like AMC Entertainment (NYSE: $AMC), Nokia (NYSE: $NOK), and even Express Inc. (NYSE: $EXPR) are among the standouts.

What’s more, even outside of the line of sight of popular message boards and social media sites, there is a slew of many other penny stocks that hit it big this year. What does that mean for you? If you understand how to trade and handle risk, these cheap stocks could be well worth it for you.

Bitcoin Price Spike Adds Momentum To Cheap Stocks

With all penny stocks, different trends can impact the market. It’s no secret that broader markets are having a tough time right now. But that doesn’t mean it’s that way for specific niches. Case in point, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and plenty of other sh*tcoins are on fire right now. With Bitcoin moving over 20% in October so far, it’s acted as the bellwether. As a result, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology stocks are red hot. It isn’t just mining companies either.

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Things like the Internet of Things, non-fungible tokens, and the like are all ways companies are gaining exposure to this segment in the stock market today. Where there’s excitement, there’s usually momentum. Look at companies like Marathon Digital Holdings (NASDAQ: $MARA) or DatChat (NASDAQ: DATS). These former penny stocks both have very different business models. But based on their different types of exposure to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, they’ve benefited from the boost in the price of Bitcoin and other currencies.

Penny Stocks To Watch Right Now Under $1

This has become a recurring series for Stocks under $1. These are some of the lowest-priced in the stock market today. High volatility, higher levels of risk, and higher potential for significant gains are all things to keep in mind. Today, we’re looking closer at three that’ve gained momentum recently and have exposure to the crypto space.

Alpha Esports Tech (OTC:APETF) (CSE:ALPA) Molecular Data Inc. (NASDAQ: $MKD) Meten EdtechX (NASDAQ: $METX)

1. Alpha Esports Tech (OTC:APETF) (CSE:ALPA)

alpha esports tech investor info deck image

Technology stocks may have gotten beaten up recently. But that doesn’t mean all penny stocks with exposure to tech have followed suit. If you look at the Alpha Esports stock chart, you’ll see what I mean. The period between September 24th and today saw major tech ETFs like the SPDR Technology ETF (NYSE: $XLK) drop hard. On the flip-side of this is Alpha shares and other companies with exposure to the blockchain and cryptocurrency arena have bucked the trend.

At the heart of its model, Alpha is an esports technology company. When it comes to cryptocurrency, Alpha is undertaking an initiative to monetize its esports platform through tokenization. Its Bitcoin pegged Alpha Coin has been created to allow users to enter contests and tournaments while also giving winners the ability to redeem their Alpha Token winnings for local currency or purchases in the GamerzArena store. With the latest jump in the price of Bitcoin, this could be another reason why some are watching APETF stock.

Alpha’s GamerzArena platform has become the backbone of its model. It is building a unique ecosystem that includes novice and professional gamers alike. It also fosters gamer development allowing players and professional scouts to interact. Furthermore, Alpha’s leadership and advisory board comprises members with direct experience in gaming and events. It includes experienced names from leading companies, including Red Bull, Reel One Entertainment, The Golden State Warriors, Mount Sinai, Victory Square Technologies, Activision, and Atari, to name a few. With a surge in cryptocurrency stocks and “new tech” like esports, Alpha Esports may be one of the names to watch.

2. Molecular Data Inc. (NASDAQ:MKD)

best penny stocks under $1 to watch right now Molecular Data Inc. MKD stock

Molecular Data is another one of the lowest-priced names on this list of penny stocks. For most of September and now October, MKD stock has settled out in a channel between $0.27 and $0.40. The last few weeks have been active for Molecular Data and revealed some of the latest milestones that could be at the heart of recent speculation.

Uniquely positioned in China’s chemical industry, Molecular Data uses its technology platform to connect consumers, retailers, and wholesalers across numerous areas of China’s chemical supply chain. The company delivers e-commerce solutions, warehousing, logistics, and software to streamline the chemical industry’s production flow.

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Where does crypto come into play? Earlier this year, Molecular announced a partnership with Wanxiang Blockchain. The goal is digitizing the chemical industry as a whole. The two plan on building a blockchain platform for addressing things like supply chain bottlenecks, enhanced eCommerce, and the like. The company also inked a deal with an investment firm to establish blockchain data centers. Molecular vaguely explained in a press release that, “The partnership will address bottlenecks in the Chemical space and establish commercial-scale Blockchain data centres in America.”

3. Meten EdtechX (NASDAQ:METX)

cheap penny stocks to watch under $1 Meten EdtechX METX stock

An interesting trend we’ve seen emerge is a pivot when it comes to specific technology companies. Meten EdtechX is one of these types of companies. As its name suggests, at the surface, it’s an English learning services company. It specializes in English education services in China but has drastically expanded on its tech angle.

Earlier this year, Meten said it began developing a blockchain and cryptocurrency business. The goal, according to the company, was to make a transition into “a new benchmark among innovative enterprises.”

Meten explained that this includes everything from Dogecoin to NFTs. Now that METX has become one of the crypto and blockchain technology stocks to watch, it’s now on traders’ radars when things like Bitcoin surge. What’s’sore, its recent $60 million capital raise have been earmarked for working capital needs, among other things. Given this transitionary focus and upbeat sentiment in the crypto space, will METX become one of the hot penny stocks to watch in October?

Are Bitcoin & Blockchain Penny Stocks On Your Radar?

Whether or not you’re following this trend closely is secondary to the fact that it has become a driving force for specific stocks. Considering that there’s plenty of volatility in the cryptocurrency market as a whole, that could also translate to stocks with exposure to it. This is something to keep in mind if bitcoin and blockchain penny stocks are on your radar right now.

bitcoin penny stocks to watch Pursuant to an agreement between Midam Ventures LLC and Alpha Tech INC Midam has been paid $300,000 for a period from February 12, 2021, to April 2, 2021. We may buy or sell additional shares of Alpha Tech INC in the open market at any time, including before, during, or after the Website and Information, to provide public dissemination of favorable Information about Alpha Tech INC. Now extended from 6/30/2021 to October 29, 2021 & no additional compensation of any kind has been received by MIDAM. Click Here For Full Disclaimer.

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5 Short Squeeze Penny Stocks To Buy For Under $5 Right Now
By: pennystocks Penny Stocks []    
   on Sep 29, 2021

Trading penny stocks is something people do every day. But over the last 18 months, a lot has changed. There’s a lot more chatter among retail traders, and that’s to be expected. Millions of new market participants have entered the ring looking to make money with penny stocks and blue chips.

The rise of meme stocks opened the flood gates for new trends to take hold in the stock market today. Things are becoming more thematic, whether it’s the latest sector trend like energy and electric vehicles or simply looking for penny stocks under $1. One of the more popular and recently discussed themes relates to stocks with higher levels of short interest. These “short squeeze stocks” are sought after by mainly retail traders. They’re looking to capitalize on volatility that can ensue from a short squeeze.

What’s A Short Squeeze?

I’ll briefly touch on the metrics of a short squeeze. Then we’ll dive into a list of potential short squeeze penny stocks that can be bought for under $5. So, what is a short squeeze? To understand this, you’ll need to know what shorting is in the first place. Without getting into an entire lesson on short squeezes, let’s look at some basics. Shorting is when a trader expects a stock to decline. To benefit from this, the trader borrows shares from a broker, sells them, then hopes to repurchase them at a lower price later on to return the shares to the lender. The difference between the higher selling price and the lower buyback price is the profit.

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When a short squeeze gets triggered, the stock ends up going higher instead of lower. Short sellers still need to cover their short but are forced to buy back shares at higher prices and take a loss. As short cover volume combines with retail buying, the shorts get “squeezed” or forced to cover. This is something we’ve seen happen with companies like Camber Energy (NYSE: $CEI), AMC Entertainment (NYSE: $AMC), GameStop (NYSE: $GME), and countless others this year.

Short Squeeze Penny Stocks To Buy Under $5

Short squeeze penny stocks typically have a few common traits. First, they’ve got higher short interest. This is based on the percentage of the float short at a given time. Many will also have a lower float. However, this isn’t always the case. However, the lower the float, the more volatile things can become. No matter how “cheap” a stock might be, it’s essential to take multiple factors into account. Will these be the best penny stocks to buy right now?

  • Farmmi Inc. (NASDAQ: $FAMI)
  • Enveric Biosciences (NASDAQ: $ENVB)
  • Progenity Inc. (NASDAQ: $PROG)
  • Alset EHome International (NASDAQ: $AEI)
  • US Well Services (NASDAQ: $USWS)

1. Farmmi Inc. (NASDAQ:FAMI)

One of the hot penny stocks under $1 to watch this week is Farmmi Inc. It has its primary business model focused on mushrooms. I’m not talking about the popular trend in psychedelics, though. Farmmi specializes in things like fungus and Shiitake mushrooms and sells to a global consumer base. It has also begun expanding its offerings through a series of new acquisitions and establishing additional subsidiaries.

I won’t give a history lesson on the company. But what I will say is that September has been or of the more active months for corporate updates. Part of that string of news were headlines related to a discounted financing round that brought in $81 million and triggered a sell-off in the stock. Since things have settled down, retail traders are refocusing on Farmmi’s expansion plans.

In an update this week, CEO Yefang Zhang explained Farmmi’s recent acquisitions and expansionary plans. These include its newly acquired Jiangxi Xiangbo Agriculture and Forestry Development company. New products like bamboo, Chinese fir trees, and Camellia oil came with this purchase. Farmmi also established several subsidiaries focused on health and wellness.

However, the focus seems to be more on the FAMI stock price and short position. It’s currently trading below $0.30, and short float percentages are hovering around 38%. Given a focus on penny stocks under $1 and potential short squeeze stocks, FAMI could be one to watch.

short squeeze penny stocks to buy under $5 Farmmi Inc. FAMI stock chart

2. Enveric Biosciences (NASDAQ:ENVB)

Similar to Farmmi, Enveric is also focused on mushrooms. But in this case, we’re talking about the “magic” kind of fungus. Specifically, Enviric is taking a step into neuroscience through the acquisition of MagicMed Industries. This deal will see the companies focus on creating a library of derivative psychedelic molecules such as psilocybin, N, N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and other molecular derivatives.

In a press release earlier this month, Dr. Joseph Tucker, incoming CEO of Enveric, explained, “Our platform has the potential to disrupt and unlock much-needed mental health treatments through psychedelic therapies…We have brought together pharma and biotech experts with years of experience in bringing innovative treatments to market as well as a discovery team with a world-class biotech laboratory.”

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This progress has also earned the company some bullish attention from analysts. Aegis and Maxim have both gotten behind Enviric with Buy ratings this summer. Maxim’s current price target is $6, while Aegis has a $7 target. As far as potential short squeezes go, ENVB stock is on the lower end of “high short interest stocks.” In this case, most data shows a short float percentage of around 14%.

short squeeze penny stocks to buy under $5 Enveric Biosciences ENVB stock chart

3. Progenity Inc. (NASDAQ:PROG)

On the more traditional side of biotechnology, Progenity has also come onto this list of short squeeze stocks. Most outlets show PROG stock short float percentage over 40% right now, which is high by any account. It also has a relatively lower float in comparison to some of the other names on this list. So keep this in mind as well.

Unlike Enveric, Progenity is developing products for molecular testing. The company has worked on advancing things like its PreecludiaTM test to rule out preeclampsia in pregnant patients. A recent study demonstrated that Preecludia could “significantly distinguish” between the presence and absence of preeclampsia. Furthermore, this month Progenity was granted a patent for its preeclampsia rule-out test.

According to the company, this test is expected to target an addressable market of up to $3 billion annually. With a patent granted, this could help open opportunities for partnerships and additional commercialization opportunities. This is what Matthew Cooper, Ph.D., chief scientific officer of Progenity, explained earlier this month.

With a higher short float percentage and considering it’s one of the penny stocks under $1 right now, it could be one to watch.

short squeeze penny stocks to buy under $5 Progenity Inc. PROG stock chart

4. Alset EHome International (NASDAQ:AEI)

Another one of the penny stocks we’ve discussed is Alset EHome International. The company focuses on sustainable healthy living and develops EHome communities. Other facets of the business focus on myriad industries all centered around technology. In more recent news the company was wearing its investing hat, so to speak. Alset took a larger stake in another penny stock company, Document Security Systems. Alset owned roughly 11.7% of the common stock of DSS.

“This exercise demonstrates the confidence AEI has in DSS and exemplifies the value we place in DSS as a company that we are able to work together with for a brighter future,” commented the Company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Heng Fai Chan. “We are excited by what lies ahead for the two companies and what we are able to achieve together on an accelerated basis through a shared vision.”

Even though this was the most recent, it hasn’t been the sole focus of traders. One of the updates that have stuck with the retail public is Alset’s deal with Tesla (NASDAQ: $TSLA) earlier this summer. The company entered into a strategic agreement with Tesla for an initial supply of Tesla PV solar panels, Powerwalls and electric-vehicle chargers to be installed at single-family homes. Alset further expressed interest in acquiring more units for its Houston area pads for delivery this year with plans to develop more than 5,000 intelligently designed Ehomes in the next three to five years.

Similar to PROG, AEI stock shows a percentage float short figure on the higher end of the spectrum. Most data sources have this sitting north of 30% right now.

short squeeze penny stocks to buy under $5 BEST Inc. BEST stock chart

5. US Well Services (NASDAQ:USWS)

Energy stocks have been red hot this month. More recently, this week has seen countless oil and gas, carbon capture, and even alternative energy stocks climb. This includes producers, supply chain management, distribution, and everything in between. US Well Services is part of the “picks and shovels” portion of the energy industry. The company provides hydraulic facing services for electric fracing stimulation.

This year US Well Services has focused on transitioning to a fully electric frac services company. In its second-quarter update, CEO Joel Boussard explained that “during the quarter we finalized the design of our new 6,000 HHP Nyx Clean Fleet(R) pump, resolved outstanding litigation, began implementing a plan to reduce term loan borrowings, and raised funds to grow our electric fleet.”

The fact that we were able to accomplish so much while maintaining the highest levels of service quality and posting strong financial results is a testament to the resolve, efficiency and capability of the U.S. Well Services team.

With energy industry activity improving, related stocks have begun benefiting. As far as USWS being considered in the “short squeeze stock” category, most data shows a short float percentage of around 20%.

short squeeze penny stocks to buy under $5 US Well Services USWS stock chart

Will Penny Stocks Experience A Short Squeeze?

Short squeeze stocks have become a fan favorite among retail traders. But they aren’t for everyone. If you don’t understand how to trade when extreme volatility is in play, it’s best to get a bit more experience first. Understand how to set up your trading plan, identify profit targets, and determine what works best for you when prices are all over the board. Regardless, when short squeezes happen, they can bring the potential for some of the most extensive breakouts in the stock market today.

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5 Penny Stocks To Watch Under $1 After CEI Stock’s 900% Rally
By: pennystocks Penny Stocks []    
   on Sep 28, 2021

Best Penny Stocks To Watch Right Now If you’re looking for the best penny stocks to buy right now, grab a number and get in line. This year has been one of the wildest when it’s come to these cheap stocks. Thanks to the meme trend early on, retail traders have become well aware of low-price stocks’ potential.

Whether it was the AMC Entertainment (NYSE: $AMC) rally from $1.92 to highs of $72.62 or the latest breakout of Camber Energy (NYSE: $CEI) from $0.33 to highs of over $3.30, the proof is in the pudding as they say.

Not all penny stocks respond this way. But it isn’t unusual to find stocks under $5 that jump 50% or more within a single day or week. The important part is knowing how to find opportunities early. In addition to that, you’ll want to have a plan going into the trade.

Are you aiming for short-term gains or planning on swinging it for a few days? Or looking to invest in penny stocks? Your plan can evolve, of course, depending on market conditions. You can also use different strategies to keep you in winning trades longer for when stocks like CEI and AMC end up running for more than just a few days.

It’s crazy to think that at one point in the not-so-distant past, so many of the meme stocks were trading as penny stocks. Today’s article focuses on some of the lowest-priced names in the stock market today. But thanks to CEI stock‘s epic run, could be on the radar heading into October.

Top Penny Stocks Under $1 To Watch Right Now

  • Alpha Esports Tech (OTC:APETF)(CSE:ALPA)
  • Enzolytics Inc. (OTC: ENZC)
  • Superior Drilling Products Inc. (NYSE: $SDPI)
  • Aikido Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: $AIKI)

1. Alpha Esports Tech (OTC:APETF)(CSE:ALPA)

alpha esports tech investor info deck image

One of the latest trending penny stocks to watch this month is Alpha Esports Tech. The recent news that the company’s shares are DTC eligible has opened up more access to US brokerages. Leading up to this, momentum had already been picking up. If you look at the last four days of trading, you’ll see what I mean.

One of the themes that have remained a focus for Alpha since going public this year is expanding its footprint. The company has ramped up efforts to establish critical partnerships with leading sports organizations and other Esports companies. According to Alpha, it has already partnered & worked with HUGE names in sports, entertainment, and education, including Barstool Sports, ESPN Radio, Devil Child, Oxygen Esports, Notre Dame, Syracuse University, Penn State, University of British Columbia, University of Rochester, Western Michigan University, and others.

It most recently inked a deal to become the Official Online Gaming Portal of Nets Gaming Crew, the NBA 2K League affiliate of the Brooklyn Nets, providing Alpha the opportunity to directly connect with NetsGC’s network of fans and the NBA 2K League community. NetsGC and Alpha will team up to host two esports tournaments on the GamerzArena platform – one for high schoolers and one for college students, just for starters.

What To Watch With Alpha Esports

Where the real opportunity comes to light is the way Alpha is monetizing its user base. Its GamerzArena+ product is a subscription-based service allowing members access to higher-paying tournaments along with the ability to access unique and special events. What’s more is that the other partnerships that Alpha has established have helped expand its global reach in places like India, Brazil, and North America.

Led by experienced names from Red Bull, Reel One Entertainment, The Golden State Warriors, Mount Sinai, Victory Square Technologies, Activision, and Atari, Alpha is emerging as one of the esports stocks to watch in 2021.

2. Enzolytics Inc. (OTC:ENZC)

best penny stocks to watch today Enzolytics Inc. ENZC stock

Another one of the penny stocks under $1 that’ve gained momentum recently is Enzolytics. The company specializes in drug development for treating infectious diseases. In particular, its platform includes potential treatments for HIV/AIDS, as well as the coronavirus. While there haven’t been many new updates, its share price has recorded substantial gains this month.

At the end of August, shares traded around 12 cents. As of this week, ENZC stock has reached highs of just over $0.17. This might only equate to a 5-cent move. However, since this is one of the cheapest penny stocks on this list, a move like that is worth more than 40%.

What To Watch With Enzolytics

In its last update, Enzolytics announced the completion of its agreements with Danhson and Clinic Design for advancing its ITV-1 anti-HIV therapeutic to production and clinical trials. Danhson will produce the therapeutic while Clinic Design undertakes the task of conducting clinical trials. At the time (July 2021), the company explained that “Production of the therapeutics is expected to be completed in the next few months followed by clinical trials to be conducted immediately thereafter.”

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According to the company, in in vitro tests conducted in 5 international laboratories, ITV-1 was shown to fully neutralized over 95% of all strains and viral subtypes of HIV-1 against which it was tested. Enzolytics explained that the basis for its broad-spectrum efficacy is that Clone 3 antibody targets an immutable epitope on the HIV virus. Given the speculation has begun building once again, ENZC stock has remained on the watch list for some traders right now.


best penny stocks to watch today NXT-ID NXTD stock

NXT-ID has worked on bouncing back from a significant dip earlier this month. The company announced a public offering to raise $12.5 million at a steep discount to the market at that time. Following the drop, NXTD stock had upheld levels and a consistent trading channel between $0.40 and $0.50.

The company is a tech company focusing on biometric and behavior-metric identity verification. Its LogicMark subsidiary opens the door for the company to manufacture and distribute both non-monitored and monitored personal emergency response systems. With millions in fresh capital, NXT-ID has earmarked funds for new product development and liability reduction, among other things.

What To Watch With NXT-ID

Right now, the attention is on an upcoming proxy vote. There’s a special shareholder meeting next month on the 15th. With this, holders of NXTD stock will decide on the outcome to allow the company to effect a reverse split or not. The primary purpose of the split, according to NXT-ID, is to regain compliance with the Nasdaq and have a minimum price of $1. The split has already been supported by proxy advisory firms, which has helped boost sentiment this week. With the proxy date looming, will NXTD be on your list of penny stocks to watch heading into October?

4. Superior Drilling Products Inc. (NYSE:SDPI)

best penny stocks to watch today Superior Drilling Products Inc. SDPI stock You can’t talk about trending penny stocks today without mentioning at least one energy company. Superior Drilling Products has experienced a strong move this week thanks to upbeat industry sentiment. Furthermore, SDPI stock also falls into the low float stock category that many retail traders have followed recently. In the case of Superior, the total outstanding share count sits below 26 million. Furthermore, some outlets list the float at just over 11 million. By most accounts, SDPI can be considered one of the low float penny stocks to watch.

Why would anyone look for this feature? When you’re talking about lower “floats,” you’re talking about stocks that have fewer shares freely trading between public hands. Basic supply and demand say that lower supply and higher demand equate to higher prices, and higher supply with lower demand is the opposite. Low float penny stocks are well-known for their volatility. In this light, SDPI stock has gained some interest.

What To Watch With Superior Drilling

Along with the low float trend, energy stocks are hot right now. Superior Drilling specializes in developing drilling tool technology aimed at cost savings for its customers. Its solutions include Superior’s Drill-N-Ream well bore conditioning tool and its Strider oscillation system. In its latest round of earnings, the company expressed that it had seen favorable responses from its products.

“We believe our strong growth this quarter clearly demonstrated the value of our Drill-N-Ream(R) (“DNR”) well bore conditioning tool as well as the growing demand for our manufacturing capabilities. The DNR is enabling drilling innovation. We believe that by including our tool in their drill string, producers are able to drill more complex well profiles and increase the total flow area of their wells while covering greater footage in shorter amounts of time.” - Troy Meier, Chairman and CEO

With this backdrop against a bullish energy market, SDPI may be on the list of penny stocks to watch among retail traders.

5. Aikido Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ:AIKI)

best penny stocks to watch Aikido Pharma AIKI stock

Aikido Pharma jumped this week thanks to a string of news-fueled momentum. The company announced its latest investment in telehealth company Kerna Health. The digital health platform is used for digital health monitoring and virtual care.

The attractive part mentioned by Aikido was that Kerna is quickly developing a large backlog of shared revenue contracts. In particular, the backlog of executed contracts was already at $25 million in Pro-forma shareable revenues along with additional in-process contracts Aikido said could grow to $50 million “n the short term” with $400 million thereafter.

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  • Best Penny Stocks to Buy? Check 3 These Out Next Month

What To Watch With Aikido

This week momentum continued in the market for AIKI stock. Once again, headlines sparked this move. Aikido announced that it secured interest in Tevva Motors, which produces electric trucks. While this may seem like a deviation from its core model, Aikido has become a company to watch for its investment process as well. Earlier this year, the company invested in DatChat (NASDAQ: DATS), which has become a massive hit in the stock market this quarter. Whether or not this latest deal that offers exposure to the EV space follows suit or not is yet to be seen.

Should You Buy Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are known for their high risk and reward. Over the last few months, traders have become more familiar with these cheap stocks, and thanks to massive breakouts from the likes of AMC or CEI stock, attention remains at high levels. One of the beauties is that even if the stock market on a broader scale is down like it is today, there’s sure to be plenty of penny stocks to watch that buck the trend.

best penny stocks under $1 to watch right now

Pursuant to an agreement between Midam Ventures LLC and Alpha Tech INC Midam has been paid $300,000 for a period from February 12, 2021, to April 2, 2021. We may buy or sell additional shares of Alpha Tech INC in the open market at any time, including before, during, or after the Website and Information, to provide public dissemination of favorable Information about Alpha Tech INC. Now extended from 6/30/2021 to October 29, 2021 & no additional compensation of any kind has been received by MIDAM. Click Here For Full Disclaimer.

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4 Robinhood Penny Stocks To Watch As ANY Stock Ignites Small Caps
By: pennystocks Penny Stocks []    
   on Sep 02, 2021

Are These Robinhood Penny Stocks On Your List Right Now?

One of the important things to realize about penny stocks today is that certain traders can/can’t access certain companies. Thanks to the rise in popularity of platforms like Reddit, social media has helped connect traders from across the globe. What’s more, it has made trading easier than ever thanks to mobile-first platforms like Robinhood and Webull. But with this growth in popularity has come some interesting findings. One of these has to do with the types of stocks that the masses are trading right now. Let me explain.

Read more: 10 Top Penny Stocks To Watch After ANY Stock’s 559% Short Squeeze

In the past, when someone would’ve mentioned the phrase “penny stocks” or “small-cap stocks,” the OTC exchange was likely the first thing that came to mind. The OTC or “Over-The-Counter” exchange has been home to myriad penny stocks of all phases of development. One of the issues for some traders – and funds for that matter – is the reporting requirements are lax compared to the Nasdaq and NYSE. For this reason, many traders (and funds) avoided trading penny stocks entirely, opting instead for slightly higher stocks with companies that report no transparent details.

But with the rise of the retail trader, cheaper stocks have become even more popular. Rest assured, OTC penny stocks aren’t the only ones available. In fact, Robinhood and Webull offer access to stocks under $5 that are on the NYSE and Nasdaq, and it’s this group of stocks that’ve grown in popularity. Whether we’re talking about AMC Entertainment (NYSE: $AMC), GameStop (NYSE: $GME), (NASDAQ: $SPRT), Vinco Ventures (NASDAQ: $BBIG), or today’s Sphere 3D (NASDAQ: $ANY) breakout, the trend is clear. Traders are “ok” taking risks to buy penny stocks in exchange for big gain potential.

Robinhood Penny Stocks To Buy [or avoid]

Keep in mind that just because stocks are trading below $4 right now, it doesn’t mean they are worth the risk. Needless to say, here’s a quick list of penny stocks under $4 right now. Are they a buy or avoid right now?

  • Huize Holding Ltd (NASDAQ: $HUIZ)
  • Aptose Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: $APTO)
  • Transocean Limited (NYSE: $RIG)
  • Evogene Ltd (NASDAQ: $EVGN)

1. Huize Holding Ltd (NASDAQ:HUIZ)

Digital services companies are gaining plenty of attention right now, thanks to the lasting effects of the pandemic. The “stay-at-home economy” and virtual ecosystem have opened opportunities for companies to capitalize on these trends. Huize specializes in offering digital insurance products and services to its clients in China.

This week the company partnered with Hengqin Life Insurance Company to launch what it’s calling “Hui Xin An No.5,” which is an illness insurance product for children. This platform provides coverage for 20 childhood diseases and 10 rare diseases offering options for multiple claims protection for certain illnesses. The news comes just a few days after Huize announced that it would acquire a controlling stake in Hubei Shengs Life & General, a regional insurance agency in China.

“Huize intends to utilize its digital capabilities to empower Shengs Life & General, accelerating the establishment of our open insurance product and service platform covering sales management, product offerings, and back-end support, with the aim to significantly enhance the efficiency of traditional insurance operations. We look forward to the business expansion and realizing revenue growth synergies from this mutually beneficial integration.”

Cunjun Ma, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Huize With an overall uptick in insurance stocks recently, HUIZ seems to have mimicked a similar trend so far. You’ll also notice that daily trading volume is also picking up in HUIZ stock as shares attempt to recover from 52-week lows reached late last month.

2. Aptose Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ:APTO)

Biotech stocks are another niche in the stock market today gaining ground. While the last few months have been tough for Aptose, the last few weeks are a bit different. Since reaching 52-week lows of $2.32, APTO stock has been in rebound mode. This week, the penny stock broke and held levels above its 50-day moving average for the first time since June.

One of the recent catalysts traders have circulated is a U.S. patent. Titled “Compositions and methods for treating cancers,” this event has sparked plenty of speculation in the market. It also comes as Aptose is ramping up efforts to jump back on the investor conference trail. This month, the company is set to present at two consecutive conferences. These include HC Wainwright’s Global Investment Conference on the 13th, followed by the Cantor Global Healthcare Conference on the 28th.

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The company has zeroed in its efforts on advancing its pipeline of cancer treatments this year. Its luxeptinib is in a Phase 1 a/b study in acute myeloid leukemia and b cell malignancies. Aptose’s APTO-253 treatment candidate for acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndromes is also in a Phase 1 a/b study with current patients at the 6th dose cohort.

With the recent momentum, patent win, and upcoming presentations, APTO stock could be one to watch in September if it continues this trend.

3. Transocean Limited. (NYSE:RIG)

One of the hottest areas of the “reopening” discussion is energy. Whether it’s green energy or traditional oil & gas, or one of the “bridge fuels,” nothing’s off the table right now. In this light, energy companies ranging from raw material providers, logistics companies, refiners, and even end-retailers are part of the conversation.

Transocean specializes in offshore contract drilling services for oil and gas wells. Transocean owns, in full or in part, a fleet of 37 offshore drilling units. As oil prices have exploded recently, so has momentum behind energy stocks like RIG. What’s more, Transocean got a nice media mention on September 2nd that helped build awareness of the company and its stock.

The company also recently secured a $252 million contract for a newbuild ultra-deepwater drillship, the Deepwater Atlas. This included a mobilization fee of $30 million as well. President and CEO Jeremy Thigpen commented that the company is “extremely pleased to have secured the maiden contract for the Deepwater Atlas; the first of our two 8th generation ultra-deepwater drillships that will enter the market in 2022, both of which will be outfitted for 20,000 psi ultra-deepwater well operations. We are very encouraged by the growing list, across multiple customers, of 20,000 psi opportunities in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. And, with the only two assets in the world specifically designed to maximize efficiencies for 20,000 psi well completions, we are the undisputed market leader in this space, and thus excited about the future prospects for these state-of-the-art assets.”

4. Evogene Ltd (NASDAQ:EVGN)

Back on the list of penny stocks to watch in September is Evogene. I say this because EVGN stock has been relatively quiet for the better part of the last 2 quarters. However, with the recent focus of retail traders placed on biotech and cannabis, EVGN shares have perked up a bit. Evogene is made up of several operating companies; all centered around life sciences.

Not only has the company reported strong progress with its Biomica business in preclinical trials, but its Canonic cannabis company is also preparing for the launch of medical cannabis products in Israel. Evogene also operates through other companies focused on agricultural technology. These include AgPlenus and Lavie Bio.

In looking at Evogene’s most recent corporate update, you’ll see that the second half of the year could be important for the company. Biomica, for instance, expects to start a first-in-human proof-of-concept trial in its immuno-oncology program along with results for its preclinical trial in Inflammatory bowel disease. Both Lavie and AgPlenus aim to expand their respective pipelines, with commercialization as the hallmark.

Considering the recent trend in the stock market today and fervor for small-cap stocks, in general, EVGN has sparked some interest this week.

Should You Buy Small Cap Stocks?

Call them small-cap stocks, penny stocks, cheap stocks; whatever your definition, these low-priced names are red hot today. The important thing to remember is that just as quickly as they rally, they can fall apart. Not only that, but smaller companies are well-known for taking full advantage of big spikes in price by raising capital to take advantage of the market activity. In many cases, these raises can be at steep discounts, which ultimately act as catalysts for a sell-off in the market.

Will that happen to any of these? Nothing has come out related to that topic so far. But it has been something frequently seen by many small-cap stocks this year. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to lay out the proper strategy to capitalize on the market moves and ultimately make money with penny stocks.

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5 Penny Stocks That Turned $2,500 Into Over $29,000 In 2021 So Far
By: pennystocks Penny Stocks []    
   on Aug 24, 2021

Were These The Best Penny Stocks Of 2021 So Far?

If the pandemic taught us 1 thing, it’s that penny stocks aren’t just shares of worthless companies. While this article will discuss the performance of cheap stocks since the start of the year, the massive breakout seen by countless others emphasizes the true potential. What I’m talking about are the huge breakouts we’ve seen from stocks like Novavax (NASDAQ: $NVAX), Blink Charging (NASDAQ: $BLNK), Plug Power (NASDAQ: $PLUG), Nio Inc. (NYSE: $NIO), and many more.

What Are Penny Stocks?

It’s one thing to see a chart trend. It’s another thing to know what the definition of penny stocks is. And it’s yet one more thing to grasp when you see that those companies I just mentioned met that definition early last year. So, before we dive into this list of penny stocks, let’s touch on what they actually are. According to the Securities & Exchange Commission’s definition, these are shares of companies trading below $5 per share.

Yes, NVAX, BLNK, PLUG, NIO, and many more went from sub-$5 levels to well over $300 in some cases. While all penny stocks don’t go on to become multi-bagger stocks, this year, the big breakout trend for cheap stocks hasn’t slowed. In fact, based on current trading levels, some of these stocks have moved over 1,000% since the start of 2021. That means $500 could’ve potentially turned into more than $5,000 during that period. Let’s take a look at some of these penny stock monsters:

Best Penny Stocks 2021

First on this list of penny stocks is Inc. (NASDAQ: $SPRT). The tech stock began the year trading at $2.25, and as of this week, it reached fresh 7-year highs of $12.67. That means the 222 shares $500 could’ve bought at the start of the year are worth more than $2,800 ($2,812.74) this week.

What Does Do?

For the first quarter of the year, wasn’t much to write home about. However, that all changed toward the start of Q2. This coincided with the $35 million settlement with Office Depot in late March. However, this isn’t the biggest story of 2021 for SPRT stock.’s core business model is providing support solutions for home-based employees. But despite what you may think about this being a reopening trade, there’s more than meets the eye.

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  • Hot Robinhood Penny Stocks With High Volume in August

A strong mix of “short-squeeze” speculation along with cryptocurrency-fueled action has helped spark a surge over the last few months. The company and Greenidge Generation Holdings plan to merge. This tie-up would create a company focused on bitcoin mining operations.

When the initial details were announced, Greenidge said it expects the deal will make it the first publicly traded bitcoin mining company with a wholly-owned power plant. With the special meeting of shareholders set for September 10th, it’s clear that the market is paying close attention. Needless to say, SPRT stock has experienced a massive move in the stocks market this year.

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best penny stocks 2021 SPRT stock chart

Best Penny Stocks In 2021 #2: Express Inc. (NYSE: $EXPR)

Playing off of that “reopening stocks to watch” trend, Express (NYSE: $EXPR) is more of your “pure play” in the space. The apparel and accessories retailer fell victim to the pandemic shutdown last year. But since then, Express and its ability to leverage the growing trend in digital retail has helped breathe some new life into the former penny stock.

At the beginning of 2021, EXPR was still trading under $1, $0.93 to be exact. It briefly enjoyed a massive breakout thanks to being one of the hottest Reddit stocks to buy at the time. Following the “back to earth” period, EXPR shares found a trend to stick with ever since. As of this week, EXPR stock traded around highs of $7.32, meaning that the 537 shares you could’ve bought for $500 at the beginning of the year are worth nearly $4,000 ($3,930.84).

This week Express will report its second-quarter earnings and host a virtual investor event. With hopes high for a return to normalcy following the Pfizer/BioNTech FDA approval, retail stocks have come back into focus.

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best penny stocks 2021 Express Inc. EXPR stock chart

3. Vertex Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: VTNR)

Energy stocks aren’t out of the equation either when it comes to reopening. Vertex Energy (NASDAQ: $VTNR) is a clear example of that. The year began with VTNR stock trading at $0.76 and reached highs this year of $14.32. As of this week, Vertex hit Tuesday highs of $8.02 during the early morning session. That means the $500 worth of shares at $0.76 in January (657 shares) were worth a cool $5,269.14, over 950% more in just 8 months.

Vertex specializes in refinery and marketing of used motor oil. Its products (Group II+ and Group II Based Oils) are supplied to the lubricant manufacturing industry across North America. Right now, investors are focused on the pending mobile refinery acquisition that was announced in May. The company agreed to buy the refinery for $75 million. Since the transaction is expected to close in the upcoming quarter, timing has become more important. Further to this, Vertex expects to have definitive funding sourced and in place before the end of next month.

Read More: VTNR Stock Report

best penny stocks 2021 Vertex Energy VTNR stock char

4. AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE: AMC)

No list of penny stocks breakout out big in 2021 would be complete without AMC Entertainment (NYSE: $AMC). But, even with the huge move made earlier this quarter, AMC stock isn’t up to most, year-to-date. That’s ok considering that $500 could’ve gotten you 227 shares at the $2.20 opening price on January 4th. Fast-forward to this week, and AMC stock hit an early morning high on Tuesday of $38.49, making that position worth $8,737.23. Not bad for a few months’ “work,” I suppose.

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  • Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine FDA Approval, 7 Things To Know & 3 Penny Stocks To Watch

If you’re unfamiliar with the company, AMC Entertainment owns a franchise of cinemas globally. The pandemic all but brought the company to its knees in 2020. But reopening efforts, a massive short squeeze, interest from a loyal retail trader following, and new FDA vaccine approvals have helped AMC stock maintain its higher price.

This week AMC stock surged after the latest news from Pfizer/BioNTech and its FDA approval. The meme stock has long supported “the ape community” in a defiant move against Wall Street hedge fund shorting tactics. With the fresh take following hopes for a speedy reopening and new movies set for release, will AMC stock be one of the top names on your list?

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best penny stocks 2021 AMC Entertainment AMC stock chart

5. Cassava Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: SAVA)

Finally, we get into a biotech stock, Cassava Sciences (NASDAQ: $SAVA). While the big focus over the last 20 months has been on coronavirus stocks, this year’s micro-trend has favored companies developing other treatment platforms. In particular, Alzeheimer’s stocks have surfaced. Following the big decision by the FDA to approve Biogen’s (NASDAQ: $BIIB) Aduhelm marked the Alzheimer’s treatment approved in nearly two decades. Certainly, it was a milestone moment for the industry. Furthermore, it shed a brighter light on other companies. Cassava is one of these.

At the beginning of 2021, $500 could’ve gotten someone shares of SAVA stock at $6.84, which is just $1.84 higher than the most expensive penny stock. I’ll also mention that Cassava has been one of the names on our list of penny stocks to watch since last September. Regardless of where it was, where it is, has our attention. This week, shares of the Alzehimer’s stock reached early highs of $123.37 on August 24th. That means the 73 share position from January was worth over $9,000 ($9,006.01).

This week Cassava announced an agreement with the FDA on a Special Protocol Assessment for its Phase 3 studies of Simufilam. This is the company’s treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. The milestone effectively demonstrates that the FDA reviewed and agreed on the design features of Cassava’s Phase 3 protocols and justified it, reaffirming its guidance to advance Simufilam into a Phase 3 pivotal program this fall.

Read More: SAVA Stock Report

best penny stocks 2021 Cassava Sciences SAVA stock chart

Are Penny Stocks Worth It?

Clearly, penny stocks are worth it if you know what to look for. In this article, I discussed how many whole shares that $500 was worth at the open on January 4th, 2021. Compared to early morning highs on August 24th, 2021, these have all experience massive rallies in just 8 months and 20 days. Case in point, adding everything up, a total of $2,500 spread across all of these penny stocks at the start of 2021 is now more than $29,000 as of morning highs on August 24.

Though all penny stocks don’t go on to perform like these, there are more than a handful of names that see double and even triple-digit moves daily. Some may only run for that single session while other moves go on for months at a time. The important part for you is to know how to trade and profit from what the market gives.

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4 Trending Penny Stocks On Robinhood You Should Watch Right Now
By: pennystocks Penny Stocks []    
   on Aug 17, 2021

Are These Robinhood Penny Stocks On Your List Today?

When you think about penny stocks, what first comes to mind? Is it a company with a wild business model that could become a huge success in the future? Or is it something more along the line of some 3, 4, or 5 letter symbol that is the latest focus across social media? Neither answer is wrong and knowing how to handle both types of “penny stocks” is important, especially if you want to make money consistently.

In the stock market today, sentiment is becoming a key driver of momentum. This is where you’ll see some of the cheapest stocks shoot up big without any apparent reason. Usually, a mix of heavy speculation and some minute level of research is at the core of these breakouts.

However, when speculation plays such a big role, volatility is close behind. Heavily hyped stocks can fall just as quickly as they rise, and there have been countless examples of this instance over the last year. Needless to say, the “Robinhood crowd” is helping to foster a new era of trading. One that doesn’t solely focus on fundamentals or forward earnings.

But one that also plays into the hype of the stock market. Everything from AMC Entertainment ($AMC Stock Report) to little-known biotech stocks like Virpax Pharma Inc. ($VRPX Stock Report) have benefited from this new trading style.

Regarding the latter, VRPX stock is the latest penny stock darling to experience an explosive move. Monday afternoon, shares were trading below $4.50 & as of mid-morning on Tuesday, the former penny stock broke above $10 a share. Now, if you’re wondering what the VRPX stock forecast is moving forward, your guess is as good as mine. In parabolic instances like this, fundamentals can begin playing a role to justify a stock’s price being so highly valued.

VPRX isn’t the only trending penny stock today. Retail traders are posting images of Robinhood charts that include other big movers on August 17th. In this article, we’ll take a little deeper look to see what could be the catalyst so you can decide if these are penny stocks to buy right now or avoid entirely.

  • RLX Technology Inc. ($RLX Stock Report)
  • Aerpio Pharmaceuticals Inc. ($ARPO Stock Report)
  • Tellurian Inc. ($TELL Stock Report)
  • Kaixin Auto Holdings ($KXIN Stock Report)

RLX Technology Inc. (NYSE: RLX)

We’ve discussed RLX Technology for the last few days. Thanks to upcoming earnings this week, it has started to trend among retail traders. The company isn’t overly vocal on the newswires but, leading up to their earnings, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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The e-Cig/e-Vapor company ran into trouble shortly after it IPOd this year thanks to uncertainty in China. This is both from a stock market regulatory perspective and stricter rules on how e-Cigs are categorized. Regardless of those events earlier this year, RLX stock seems to have found a home between $4 and $5 over the last few weeks. Furthermore, investors may be anxious to see the latest financial results based on what RLX’s CFO, Chao Lu, said in the last earnings update.

“Building on rapid revenue growth and continued efforts in improving operating leverage, our gross margin and non-GAAP net margin have remained steady in the first quarter.”

Considering Q1 results showed strong quarter-over-quarter gross margins and net revenue, it will be interesting to see if RLX could sustain that same pace last quarter.

trending penny stocks on robinhood to watch RLX technology Inc. RLX stock chart

Aerpio Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: ARPO)

Another one of the trending penny stocks to watch right now is Aerpio Pharmaceuticals. It’s another example of how crazy things can get when speculation plays a role. Take 1 look at the ARPO stock chart, and you’ll see what I mean. Regardless of its volatile swings, it doesn’t negate that shares are up more than 100% year-to-date.

While a biotech pipeline is the core focus for traders right now. It isn’t necessarily based solely on Aerpio’s offering. In fact, earlier this year, the company entered into a merger agreement with Aadi Bioscience. If you read our article, “Best Penny Stocks To Buy Right Now? 5 To Watch Before September,” we discussed broad details of this proposed transaction.

The newly formed company will focus on oncology treatments. In particular, Aadi has developed targeted therapies for different types of cancers. Its lead treatment, FYARROTM, is being studied to treat tumors and suppress tumor growth. There’s a registered trial for this candidate in advanced malignant PEComa. Based on early data, Aadi has plans to submit an Investigational New Drug application for its trial by the end of the year. Aside from that, the next few weeks could also be an important time for the companies. That’s because the merger transaction is expected to close during the third quarter.

trending penny stocks on robinhood to watch Aerpio Pharmaceuticals Inc. ARPO stock chart

Tellurian Inc. (NASDAQ: TELL)

When you talk about trending penny stocks, you can’t leave energy out of the conversation. Tellurian is a unique one in the mix of energy penny stocks. The company provides liquified natural gas on a global scale. One of the important things to consider is how LNG can play a role in the bigger picture of transitioning to the “green energy future” that some countries have in the works. LNG has been seen as a bridge fuel of sorts. Using it in the near term is expected to reduce short-term greenhouse gas by replacing other energy sources like coal or traditional crude.

“No matter how you look at it, gas will be the transition fuel for decades to come as major economies are committed to reach carbon emission targets,” Chris Weafer, chief executive officer of Moscow-based Macro-Advisory Ltd. said to Bloomberg. “The price of gas is more likely to stay elevated over the medium-term and to rise over the longer-term.”

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With this, excitement has fueled momentum for LNG companies. Furthermore, after weathering the selling storm following a financing announcement, TELL stock seems to have bounced back a bit. Earlier this month, the company closed a $100.7 million offering that will be used for corporate purposes, including possible acquisitions of upstream assets. In addition, Tellurian has also secured key contracts with Shell NA LNG LLC, Gunvor Singapore Pte Ltd, and Vitol Inc. It also completed the sales for plants one and two of its Driftwood LNG. With an optimistic outlook on this part of the energy industry, new deals in place & fresh capital in hand, TELL stock could be one to watch heading into the rest of the year.

TELL stock chart trending penny stocks on Robinhood to watch Tellurian Inc. TELL stock chart

Kaixin Auto Holdings (NASDAQ: KXIN)

Sticking with the carbon-neutral/green energy trend, Kaixin Auto could also be one of the penny stocks to watch right now. Its humble beginnings had traders focused on a company that was basically an auto dealership network in China. However, recent events may see Kaixin begin to evolve.

Earlier this month, the company announced that it established a new energy vehicle business unit. The focus is on EV R&D, production, and marketing. The move was made in light of the Chinese government’s growing support for rapid growth in electric vehicles in the country. Piggybacking off of this, Kaixin also announced that it would enter China’s smaller size EV market, developing subcompact and mini compact vehicles.

The company also hinted at the idea of speeding up this process through M&A activity. Though nothing has been released yet, Kaixin said it had discussed this with “a number of electric car manufacturers.” Given that as the case, some speculation may be at the center of recent volatility in KXIN stock & something to keep in mind if this is on your list of penny stocks right now. KXIN stock chart

Just like all investments, penny stocks carry plenty of risks. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, none of these have moved up in a straight line, and all came with plenty of volatility. Research is the starting point, whether they’re the most talked-about stocks today or still relatively under the radar. If any of these are on your list of penny stocks to watch right now, make sure you’ve got a full grasp on the pros and cons of each.

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4 Penny Stocks On Robinhood To Watch This Week
By: pennystocks Penny Stocks []    
   on Aug 09, 2021

Are These Robinhood Penny Stocks On Your Watch List This Week?

Thanks to former penny stocks like AMC Entertainment (NYSE: $AMC) and GameStop (NYSE: $GME), traders are becoming more familiar with the potential of cheap stocks. Not only that, but the short squeeze and “gamma squeeze” set-ups are a constant trend being followed this year. They often come with the addition of other market catalysts like news or speculation.

What Is A Short Squeeze?

A short squeeze is a unique phenomenon where a rapid rise in stock price ensues amid specific conditions. First, you should understand the mechanism of shorting stocks.

This is where a trader believes a stock’s price will drop, and to take advantage of this, the trader will “short” it. This involves borrowing shares from a broker, selling them in the market, then repurchasing them at a lower price to pay back the borrowed shares. The trader’s profit is the spread between where the shares were sold (at the higher price) and bought back (at the lower price).

Short Squeeze In Action

This is a perfect case scenario for someone looking to make money shorting stocks. But, keep in mind, no matter the price of the stock, the shares eventually need to be returned (not the cash value). When a short squeeze happens, it usually involves a stock, once in a downtrend, seeing a sharp reversal in price.

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In this case, short-sellers may opt to buy back as soon as possible, even at higher prices, thus taking a loss to pay back those borrowed shares. Buying ultimately begets buying, and you end up with a situation where bullish buyers and short-sellers scrambling to pay back their debts are pushing prices higher. Prime examples of this in 2021 were countless meme stocks lead by AMC and GME.

Robinhood Penny Stocks

Popular platforms like Robinhood played a big role in retail traders capitalizing on short squeeze stocks. The app even halted or restricted trading in certain penny stocks because of the pandemonium that ensued during the big breakouts of AMC, GME, and countless others.

In this article, we’ll look at a few current and former penny stocks on Robinhood with important things to watch this week. Some of these “things” will be short data, which usually gets updated in the middle of the month and others will be corporate events like earnings and business updates.

Penny Stocks On Robinhood To Watch This Week

  • GT Biopharma Inc. (NASDAQ: GTBP)
  • Blue Apron (NYSE:$APRN)
  • MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: $MNKD)
  • Vaxart Inc. (NASDAQ: $VXRT)

GT Biopharma Inc. (NASDAQ: GTBP)

While it isn’t one of the short squeeze stocks to watch, this former penny stock does have an upcoming event this week. GT Biopharma is set to discuss Q2 2021 financial results and give a business update on August 13th. One of the things most likely in focus is the company’s pipeline developments and outlook. GT Biopharma has several treatment candidates that’ve gained attention this year.

Its lead treatment, GTB-3550, is currently in phase trials for patients with acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndromes. Early data has also shown a meaningful response from the first round of patients. More importantly, none of the participants in the study had run into adverse events so far.

GT Biopharma has developed a treatment pipeline based on its novel TriKE treatment platform. TriKE or “tri-specific killer engager” leverages the cancer cell killing potential of Natural Killer (NK) cells in numerous indications. Aside from GTB-3550, new details were announced earlier this quarter, with GT reporting positive preclinical data from its GTB-5550 B7H3 TriKE treatment candidate.

It was found to be effective in multiple cancer cell types. In particular, B7H3 is overexpressed in cancers including non-small cell lung cancer, breast, renal, pancreatic, ovarian, liver, and colorectal cancers. In preparation for filing an Investigational New Drug application with the FDA, GT Biopharma’s GTB-5550 is going through GMP manufacturing scale-up processes.

Will GTBP hold a place on your list of stocks to watch with upcoming earnings and a business update?

GTBP stock chartbest penny stocks on robinhood to watch GT Bipharma Inc. GTBP stock chart

Blue Apron (NYSE: APRN)

A classic “stay at home stock,” Blue Apron has come under plenty of pressure as economies reopen. This has lead to short interest building in the penny stock. Some accounts have a short percentage of float, sitting around 21% as of this article. With this has come plenty of attention thanks to the constant search for penny stocks with high short interest.

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It also “helps” that APRN stock has gotten beaten down in 2021. Since reaching highs of $12.35 earlier this year, shares are down more than 60%. Is there hope for APRN stock even without the instance of a short squeeze?

More recently, bullish sentiment has been building thanks to speculation. The center of focus is on a possible round of fresh lockdowns. If you took a look back in 2020, Blue Apron was one of the early winners of pandemic momentum. Shares rallied from around $2 to nearly $30 as the world shut down.

Aside from that, the company’s recent earnings results have also raised a few eyebrows. Blue Apron reported that it expects higher sales and new menu options moving forward. Needless to say, a mix of technical and fundamental interests could have APRN on the list of penny stocks to watch right now.

APRN stock chartbest penny stocks on robinhood to watch Blue Apron APRN stock chart

MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: MNKD)

Another one of the penny stocks with a higher short interest is MannKind Corporation. As of this article, the most recent percentage short data shows interest around 13%. Not as big as APRN, but by most accounts, a higher level of shares shorted all the same.

In MannKind’s case, the stock itself hasn’t gotten beaten up as badly as Blue Apron. Furthermore, the trend since the start of 2021 is more sideways than anything. The broader trading channel for MNKD stock has been between $3.50 and $5.50, with some instances of trading above and below this range.

One of the recent developments that have this penny stock back in focus is its deal with NRx Pharmaceuticals. The two are evaluating a dry powder formation of NRx’s anti-inflammatory drug, Zyesami. The drug candidate is in clinical trials as a potential treatment of critical COVID-19 with respiratory failure. It’s also been given fast-track designation by the FDA.

This Wednesday, MannKind reports its next round of earnings. So given the timing of everything, it could be one of the penny stocks to watch depending on what gets revealed on Wednesday after the closing bell.

MNKD stock chartbest penny stocks on robinhood to watch MannKind Corp. MNKD stock chart

Vaxart Inc. (NASDAQ: VXRT)

Another one of the former penny stocks to watch on this list is Vaxart Inc. While short interest isn’t the only focus right now, for VXRT, it has played a role. Based on the most recent data, the short float percentage is right around 20%. What’s more, the company’s recent business update helped shed a brighter light on a few things that were up in the air during more recent weeks.

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One of the topics discussed was the potential of Vaxart’s R&D and clinical development initiatives. CEO Andrei Floroiu said, “We strengthened our balance sheet, made major research advances, deepened our scientific knowledge, grew the company, and took the company closer to our goal of developing disruptive oral tablet vaccines that can have a material impact on the world’s public health.”

Vaxart’s platform has shown progress in recent clinical trials. Its norovirus vaccine, built on the company’s VAAST platform, demonstrated the ability to boost immune responses in those who’ve been previously vaccinated with a Vaxart oral vaccine. In some cases, this vaccination period was more than a year earlier. The company also has a current trial study going on. This is of its S-Wuhan construct, which it expects to begin shortly. Obviously, with growing virus cases and the eventual rise of “cold and flu season,” this early progress has begun to gain attention in the market.

VXRT stock chartbest penny stocks on robinhood to watch Vaxart Inc. VXRT stock chart

Current & Former Penny Stocks This Week

Whether we’re talking about penny stocks or higher-priced ones, the risk always plays a role. What’s more, the addition of certain “events” or technical “catalysts” can add more volatility into the equation. Everything from earnings and corporate updates to high short interest or social sentiment can play a factor. So, it’s important to understand all possible things “at play” when you’re putting together your watch list. Heading into the second week of the month, keep this in mind.

robinhood stocks

Pursuant to an agreement between Midam Ventures LLC and GT Biopharma (GTBP) Midam has been paid $150,000 for a period from March 1, 2021, to April 1, 2021. This compensation is payment 1 of 12 as part of a 12-month agreement between Midam Ventures LLC & GT Biopharma (GTBP), for a period from March 1, 2021, to February 28, 2022. Midam Ventures LLC expects to be paid $150,000 per month for a total of 12 months by GT Biopharma (GTBP). Midam has been paid an additional $150,000 for a period from April 2, 2021, to May 1, 2021. This compensation is payment 2 of 12 as part of the Agreement. Midam has been paid an additional $150,000 for a period from May 2, 2021, to June 1, 2021. This compensation is payment 3 of 12 as part of the Agreement. Midam has been paid an additional $150,000 for a period from June 2, 2021, to July 1, 2021. This compensation is payment 4 of 12 as part of the Agreement. Midam has been paid an additional $200,000 for a period from July 2, 2021, to July 29, 2021. This compensation is payment 5 of 12 as part of the Agreement. Midam has been paid an additional $200,000 for a period from July 29, 2021, to September 2, 2021. This compensation is payment 6 of 12 as part of the Agreement. We may buy or sell additional shares of GT Biopharma (GTBP) in the open market at any time, including before, during, or after the Website and Information, to provide public dissemination of favorable Information about GT Biopharma (GTBP). Click here for full disclaimer.

3 Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch Seeing Explosive Gains In 2021
By: pennystocks Penny Stocks []    
   on Jul 21, 2021

When you’re investing in penny stocks, what’s your goal? Why are you buying the stock you’re looking at? You can be one of the “AMC Apes” that focus on “never” selling. While AMC Entertainment (NYSE: $AMC) has taken on a life of its own, this idea of “never selling” boils down to becoming an investor or, at the very least, becoming a longer-term swing trader.

Needless to say, AMC stock isn’t the only former penny stock that has demonstrated the potential of buying early into stocks under $5. In fact, thanks to the 2020 pandemic, many experienced investors were introduced to this world of penny stocks. The reason for that has to do with many of the higher-priced names fell hard, and many ultimately reached levels below the $5 threshold.

Are Penny Stocks Worth It?

At this point, if you’ve been trading low-priced stocks for a few months, you know many penny stocks are worth it. Some require a bit more attention than others. For instance, NeuroMetrix Inc. (NASDAQ: $NURO) has become one of the most followed companies in the stock market today.

That’s because NURO stock has climbed from under $4 to nearly $40 in 3 days. While “10-bag” moves are great, these parabolic breakouts tend to result in swift breakdowns as well. Case in point, after NURO stock reached its high of $38.67 on July 21st, it dropped 37% in mere minutes. Unless you were monitoring this former penny stock in real-time, you could easily see how you quickly run the risk of big losses.

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Chembio Diagnostics (NASDAQ: $CEMI) was another example of a parabolic move in the stock market today. Its early breakout move sent it to highs of $6.95.Following these highs, CEMI stock dropped over 15%. Again, this is one of the penny stocks to watch closely on a minute-by-minute basis.

Penny Stocks To Watch In 2021

Is this the case for all penny stocks? Absolutely not, and in this article, we’ll take a closer look at a few former penny stocks that have seen explosive gains since the early months of this year.

  • GT Biopharma Inc. (NASDAQ:GTBP)
  • Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (NASDAQ: $AVXL)
  • Cassava Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: $SAVA)

Keep in mind that these former penny stocks have left that $5 mark in the dust. But does the fact that they’ve continued higher this year mean they’re worth a closer look? Will that trend continue? I’ll let you read and decide for yourself.

Biotech Stocks To Watch #1: GT Biopharma Inc. (NASDAQ:GTBP)

Last year, GT Biopharma was considered a penny stock. Shares traded below $3 at times and as low as $2.38. Fast-forward to this year, and GTBP stock has already reached highs of $19.73. Not only did the company uplist to the Nasdaq, but it was also added to the Russell 2000. Following the last bout of the stock market selling off, GTBP stock has bounced back strong. Over the last few days, shares jumped from around $10.50 to over $12.60 on Wednesday.

The biggest draw from investors would seem to come from GT Biopharma’s novel oncology treatment platform. The company’s TriKE platform has inspired a suite of treatment candidates targeting multiple cancer types. These indications include ones that express HER2 (GTB-6550), PD-L1 (GTB-4550), and B7H3 (GTB-5550). However, its lead treatment, GTB-3550, has demonstrated strong progress in current clinical trials this year.

The treatment is going through clinical trials in a Phase 1/2 study in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and higher-risk myelodysplastic syndrome (HR MDS). In late June, the company presented interim data on GTB-3550 at the Raymond James Human Health Innovation Conference.

Anthony Cataldo, GT Biopharma Chairman and Chief Executive Officer explained, “We have seen significant reductions in CD33+ cancer cells in four of the last seven patients (57%) treated with doses of GTB-3550 ranging from 25mcg/kg/day to 150mcg/kg/day. This early sign of CD33+ target-specific cancer cell killing is very encouraging as we begin to focus on transitioning to the expanded efficacy part of the current GTB-3550 clinical trial.”

What To Watch With GTBP Stock

In addition to this, the company just signed a sponsored research agreement (SRA) with Jeffrey S. Miller, M.D., Deputy Director of the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Center and Consulting Chief Scientific Officer of GT Biopharma. This SRA focuses on the further clinical development of GT’s TriKE product candidates. Dr. Miller has been credited with being a pioneer in NK cell therapies after finding that these cells can induce remission in patients with refractory leukemia. He has also supervised over 400 NK cell products and sponsored more than 10 investigational new drug applications.

Since the start of 2021, GTBP stock is up more than 90% to date.

GTBP stock chart

2. Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (NASDAQ:AVXL)

Another one of the former penny stocks with explosive gains this year is Anavex Life Sciences. For those who’ve read articles for a while now, you’ve probably seen this company mentioned before. The first time we discussed AVXL stock was in late-2019. At that time, it was trading around $3.20. Since then, the former penny stock has seen a massive jump. This year, AVXL stock reached highs of $31.50.

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While the company has come a long way from being an early-stage Alzheimer’s treatment development company, there are several things to watch right now. In particular, the company’s ANAVEX®2-73 is the focus for traders right now. This is Anavex’s treatment candidate for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Late last month, the company reported positive results for a study targeting Parkinson’s.

What To Watch With AVXL Stock

The continued progress with ANAVEX®2-73 has set it apart from other early-stage companies from years past. Michael J. Fox Foundation awarded Anavex a research grant for an imaging-focused Parkinson’s disease clinical trial with ANAVEX®2-73. What’s more, the recently reported data is expected to be submitted to the FDA seeking regulatory guidance. While details of timing on this submission weren’t provided, it has become a source of speculation. Results are also expected to be presented at a scientific medical meeting later this year.

Similar to GTBP stock, AVXL experienced a pullback with the broader sector over the last few weeks. However, during these last few sessions, the form penny stock has bounced back from around $20.50 to highs of over $22 so far. Year-to-date, AVXL stock is up more than 300% so far.

AVXL stock chart

3. Cassava Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:SAVA)

Similar to Anavex, Cassava is no stranger to readers. We’ve followed this company since December of 2019. Another company focusing on Alzheimer’s treatments at the time, SAVA shares, was trading below $4. Fast-forward to now, and the former penny stock has reached highs of $117.54 this year and currently trades around $113 this week. The interesting part is that even as early as January, shares of SAVA stock were just barely out of penny stock territory.

I won’t give you the history lesson here. But I will say that thanks to several key milestones, Cassava Sciences has been able to capitalize. With more interest in Alzheimer’s treatments thanks to interest from Biogen’s drug approval, it has also helped give SAVA stock a boost.

What To Watch With SAVA Stock

This week Cassava continued turning heads in the stock market. Today the company announced that it would present clinical data at the 2021 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference. That Conference starts in 5 days, where Cassava will present details on its SavaDx and its Simufilam platforms.

Ahead of this data readout, analysts have grown bullish. For instance, HC Wainwright adjusted its price target on SAVA stock from $97 to $124 this week. This comes just a few days after Cantor Fitzgerald adjusted its target to $100 from $73. Year-to-date, SAVA stock is up more than 1,500%.

SAVA stock chart

What’s Next For These Former Penny Stocks?

These were just a few examples of the magnitude of potential that penny stocks can present. Aside from NURO and CEMI, the other ones mentioned have seen their gains extend over a longer timeframe. Much of this extension has come on the back of major milestones, new findings, and optimism within the market. Will they be on your list of stocks to watch heading into the second half of the year?

| Company | Market Cap | 52Wk % Change @7/21 High |

|Chembio Diagnostics (CEMI Stock Report) | $125.31m | 40.7% |

|GT Biopharma Inc. (GTBP Stock Report)| $268.11m | 251.4% ​ |

|Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (AVXL Stock Report) | $1.60b | 397.6% ​ |

| NeuroMetrix Inc.(NURO Stock Report) | $130.99m | 1,777% ​ |

| Cassava Sciences Inc. (SAVA Stock Report) | $4.25b | 3,404.6% ​ |

Percentages based on Opening Price 7/21/2020 to High Price 7/21/2021 Before 12PM ET

biotech stocks to watch Pursuant to an agreement between Midam Ventures LLC and GT Biopharma (GTBP) Midam has been paid $150,000 for a period from March 1, 2021, to April 1, 2021. This compensation is payment 1 of 12 as part of a 12-month agreement between Midam Ventures LLC & GT Biopharma (GTBP), for a period from March 1, 2021, to February 28, 2022. Midam Ventures LLC expects to be paid $150,000 per month for a total of 12 months by GT Biopharma (GTBP). Midam has been paid an additional $150,000 for a period from April 2, 2021, to May 1, 2021. This compensation is payment 2 of 12 as part of the Agreement. Midam has been paid an additional $150,000 for a period from May 2, 2021, to June 1, 2021. This compensation is payment 3 of 12 as part of the Agreement. Midam has been paid an additional $150,000 for a period from June 2, 2021, to July 1, 2021. This compensation is payment 4 of 12 as part of the Agreement. Midam has been paid an additional $200,000 for a period from July 2, 2021, to August 2, 2021. This compensation is payment 5 of 12 as part of the Agreement. We may buy or sell additional shares of GT Biopharma (GTBP) in the open market at any time, including before, during, or after the Website and Information, to provide public dissemination of favorable Information about GT Biopharma (GTBP). Click Here For Full Disclaimer

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10 MORE Current & Former Penny Stocks With High Short Interest ( ShortSqueeze Stocks)
By: pennystocks Penny Stocks []    
   on Jun 07, 2021

Putting together your list of penny stocks to buy right now? I'm sure you're keeping in mind that major market-moving trends in meme stocks like GameStop ( $GME stock), BlackBerry ( $BB stock), and Bed, Bath, & Beyond ( $BBBY stock).

But while the masses are flocking to these potentially crowded trades right now, there's a whole group of other current and former penny stocks to watch that might also fit this mold. What I'm referring to is higher levels of short interest in the stock market today.

Triggering epic short squeezes is now almost like a stock market game, and so far, that "game" is being won by newbie traders, as it were. With this as the current backdrop to active market trading, here's a list of current and former penny stocks to watch with high short interest. Will they be next to take a Reddit-powered spotlight?

Check out these 10 current & former penny stocks showing higher than average short interest right now. #StockMarketLive #AMC #ShortSqueeze

Stocks Mentioned: $XERS $WPG $RHE $INO $INSG $SQBG $AMC

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Should Amazon Or Netflix Try To Acquire AMC In 2021
By: ssmlee04 Community Lead :))   💬 98   
   on Feb 07, 2021

This article does make a bit of sense because AMC is losing like 3b a year. And if you assume they're losing this amount for 10 years straight it is still only like 30b in total, which is actually not a big amount for companies like Amazon or Netflix. But if those big companies takeover AMC there is indeed lots of things they can do like setting up Wholefood stores or Prime stores or whatever next to the theaters and capitalize on their existing infrastructure.

It could be because this is making sense that made Amc spike in last week's squeeze. This is not something you should count on when investing in companies that's losing a lot of money, but if that does happen I wouldn't be surprised too.