Earnings Next Week

Companies like Tesla and Netflix are hinting that we are going to have a bumpy trading sessions ahead.

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   Jul 23, 2023

My gut feeling prediction for next week's ER:

  • $MSFT is up
  • $SNAP is up
  • $SPOT is up
  • $GOOG is down
  • $META is down

Reason for the prediction: AI is going to be a thing in the future and Microsoft has put together the AI puzzle pieces relatively well compare to their competitors, so the future of Microsoft should continue to be ok. As a dev I had no choice but to use Github and Linkedin and whatever everyday at work. Also, keep in mind they have just got Activision Blizzard, sort of.

Snap has their own AI, too. Snap is how people social and go get a date in the modern age.

As for Meta, so far there is no evidence to suggest that Threads will work out eventually. And we also know AI is disrupting Google, and we would be using a search engine quite differently in the future. There's a chance you would never need to go visit Google again for normal daily activities, and instead, you do it thru either a watch or a glasses.

Spotify is how people listens to their music. It's just a product that people generally loves.

Next week is going to be big.

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