Cloudflare Pages is not that bad

So Workers does have some utilities that you cannot get easily from other service providers.

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   Jul 24, 2023

I am traveling in Taiwan rn. I was so surprised when I was looking at the website and then I noticed the latency is so bad here. The circumference of the earth is about 40,000 km and, in theory, it would take light an extra 0.15s to travel between my server and the client roundtrip. However, it turned out that instead of getting 0.15s of latency increase, I can see up to seconds being spent on fetching the requests, this it would take more than 5s to render the whole page in some places. And this is such a bad user experience that renders the website unusable.

And then I remember I used to put my website on Cloudflare Pages and hook it up with Worker KVs, which gives you a globally replicated low-latency key-value storage by default. Once I move my website back to Cloudflare it loads fast again in this part of the world, but I am assuming that would be sure for most places in the world. Switching to Netlify turned out to be a bad technical decision. To be fair, it might not be Netlify's fault but rather a combination of Cloudflare and Netlify network calls that caused some disruptions.


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