What are the most recession proof stocks?

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   May 18, 2023

The macroeconomic situation does not look favourable, let's face it. Recession is only around the corner. Certainly in the UK we expect the economy to drop again with the highest probability for Q3 to go into negative numbers.

But recession proof stocks do not care, 147% 5 year return is not something you see across other industries, unless you are dealing with something brand new.

Some of the stocks that seem to keep resisting the trend:

  • Luxury Fashion
  • Space Stocks
  • Pharma
  • Utilities

Are you seeing the same in the US? Or are you one of these people that believes we are about to go to another bull run?


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   May 28, 2023

Luxury fashion is one of my favorite sectors to invest in. $MC $CDI $MONC


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   May 28, 2023

If I were to guess, I'd still think it is tech and growth that could outrun the recession or inflation. There are a lot of companies that were growing in the 60-100% revenue yoy area prior to 2022, and now we are back to square one. But that also means the valuation is down to a level that investing in those would make a lot of sense.

Growth of 60% with a inflation of 7% means you would be able to outrun inflation by 53%, kind of.

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