This place might be a good long term entry for many tech stocks

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   Mar 12, 2023

Thanks to JPow, tech valuations have significantly dropped to a reasonable or even cheap level. We don't know where the bottom is, but given that if you have people (the Fed, in case you have not noticed) working hard to get the liquidity out of the system and slashing prices for you, it might be a good idea to start buying something and position yourself for the long term.

Take a few examples:

roblox $rblx

cloudflare $net

duolingo $duol

docusign $docu

square $sq

mongodb $mdb

datadog $ddog

airbnb $abnb

enphase $enph

crowdstrike $crwd

Those charts have been randomly chosen and they are showing growth in most metrics. When you look at their growth, it seems as though recession has had no effect on many of the companies. We also know that the recession will eventually end, and some of them might emerge unscathed, or even come out ahead of the competition and become big over time.

Back in 2002, companies like Amazon were also describing a similar scenario where all metrics in the company were growing yet the stock price was dropping every day. This was also true in the 1970s but now when you look back at stocks like Disney, Kraft, Costco, ... etc and would you care much if you bought it at $1 or $0.9 or $0.8?

Time in the market is more important than the timing in the market. Cheers.

DOCU - DocuSign, Inc  16.71% since post
DUOL - Duolingo  16.35% since post
MDB - MongoDB, Inc  11.38% since post
NET - Cloudflare  8.37% since post
CRWD - CrowdStrike  8.12% since post
RBLX - Roblox Corp  7.49% since post
DDOG - Datadog, Inc  4.83% since post
ABNB - Airbnb  0.55% since post
ENPH - Enphase Energy, Inc  -2.93% since post
SQ - Block, Inc.  -6.59% since post
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